Dear Athlete

Dear NJ cycling Athlete, New York Road Cycling CoachI coach the best athletes in regions across the entire country. They elevate above their peers. We are generating legend, athletes who will go down in local history. This motivation, it does not come from me — but I find it, cultivate it, inspire. We make strength. We create confidence, WE BREED COURAGE — this is how new things are possible. Today, right now, in this very moment, it’s awesome, this responsibility and potential.

In this calendar year alone, I coach the #1 men’s and women’s pro MTBers in the state, the #1 ranked Cat-1 road racer, and the #1 cyclocross racer. I am very, very proud of these facts.

Superior training, not harder training, is what improves performance – anyone can train hard, not anyone can train smart. The best way to crest this mountain is to follow a training program tailored to your personal strengths and weaknesses, tailored to your specific goal events and unique lifestyle needs.

Through fitness tests and training blocks, through Pulseline Analysis and DietRx, we discover what works for you and we build on physical gains. By utilizing proprietary Elite Endurance periodization principles, by tracking all progress and changes, by building and tapering fitness to a ferocious peak, we achieve maximal improvements and discover 100% of your potential.

My name is Kenneth Lundgren and I run Elite Endurance Training Systems. We do things differently here, and it’s why Elite Endurance athletes excel. With coaching, there is zero novelty – it’s as if I have this wonderful thing… and I can’t wait to show you… Your victory… is my victory.