Successful Personal Coaching

“I have never used Training Peaks,” Kenneth Lundgren says, “The process is not personal enough. You throw template workouts up onto a calendar, and you give the athlete a grid of FT zones to follow.

“Pre-written FT zones don’t work – athletes all have personal power curves. I don’t use zones – I generate velocity profiles, 100% personal to you. Many coaches use template workouts, give you template zones based on whatever vague FT they think you’re at. They give you a copy/paste week, and you have to go in and find out what zones you have to use.

“Successful coaching is about developing a meaningful relationship with the athlete. It’s athlete/coach, not coach. It’s a training system, not a program.

No charts, no zones, no template grids.
Elite Endurance is personal training that discovers 100% of your raw potential

“You don’t have a power zone grid. I test you, monitor you, and we build a profile 100% personal to your power curve and how you respond to training stress. I have 10 years of BluePrint data from athletes. My prescribed workouts, raw athlete data. There are 3 power curves: flat, medium, steep. I have the parameters for all 3, what real people do, for Recovery | Endurance | Tempo | Upper-Tempo | SubThreshold | Threshold | LT+ | Vo2 | AT | Max.

Based on acute and chronic training loads, based on biorhythm feedback, I can quickly and fully understand your personal power curve and improve it – strengthen your aerobic capacity, deepen your aerobic efficiency, develop you into a complete athlete, predict fitness gains and sync all systems of your engine to fire at 100% maximum potential during select points of the year.

The coach discovering how you operate is the prefatory matter. Many coaches have it flipped, forcing the athlete to conform to their personal methodology.

Maximum Velocity Profiles, the only way – no charts, no zones, no template grids – real personal training that discovers 100% of your raw potential.

This is all that matters.