I have real blueprints here.

For one, the physical one – I create training programs on calendar templates. These programs, archived in a database, breed champions; they continue to generate relentless success for committed athletes.

In 2005, I created a specific training system with specific principles. Each racing discipline has a different code of training commandments, and with more experience and success I continue to find better and better ways to foster athlete improvement by creating better workouts and prying into more territories of success.

The blueprint all starts with the athlete – I always have a standard questionnaire, full analysis of peak previous power data, but then I usually have 50 more questions before we start up. You must understand the athlete’s vision first — you must understand their goals.

Next, specific, proprietary workouts are given to attain the athlete’s unique fitness profile and pinpoint Lactate Threshold and Functional Threshold. This data, pooled with the larger database of athlete data compiled over the course of 10+ years, helps me understand exactly how to train each athlete to achieve their personal goals.

Finally, the blueprint for each individual athlete I coach is constantly being updated, constantly evolving with the athlete as we continue training. Every workout file is pried apart with careful attention to detail to monitor athlete performance and allow me to tweak the adjust the training as needed.

The truth is if you train smart, you eliminate weaknesses and maximize strengths, you keep moving forward, and this is what creates success.

We believe that each athlete is unique and must be trained as such. We work hard to help you take your vision as an athlete and make it your reality.

Your success is our success.

This is our blueprint.