MVPs: Maximum Velocity Profiles

“I’ve been doing this for over 10 years,” Kenneth Lundgren, CEO and founder of Elite Endurance Training Systems says. “Since day one, I’ve logged data on the athlete. I view training blocks, I view threshold and power curves in a unique manner, in a superior manner, thus allowing me to prescribe workouts and predict fitness and build fitness in a superior manner.

“When I work with a new athlete, I have proprietary testing methods to precisely pinpoint both Functional Threshold and Lactate Threshold. And then we get to work, begin to pry apart ride data to understand the athletes strengths and weaknesses, to understand biorhythm, to identify power curves. I have binders of data saved for every athlete, from Pros to Cat-1s to Cat-5s to club riders – a blueprint archive that paints clear pictures of personal power curves and how best to deepen them. I have real power-to-weight numbers, PR power averages recorded for all classes of riders, year after year, more than 10 years of evolved blueprint data. I see what works, I know what works, I understand peak performance.

“Over the years, I’ve sharpened the process of data review. With Pulseline Power Analysis and RunningPrint analysis, I essentially prescribe power-based workouts all the time, 100% personal to you and your power curve and how you adapt to both acute and chronic training loads.

“No coaches monitor athletes in this manner. With constant analysis of Elite Endurance athletes, I can monitor your current state and also see instant-response to the prescribed training stress – I control your training stress, your power output operates with a far deeper base of foundation fitness. And with this cornerstone of success imprinted into your engine, increases in raw potential and leapfrogs of condition become your reality.”

“Elite Endurance athletes are successful. Maximum Velocity Profiles for you and only you – no template training zones, no grids, no pre-set wattage goals, the training system changes how you change.”