Pulseline Analysis

“As a coach, I understand the athlete’s engine just as well as I understand my own,” Ken says. “I constantly assess and monitor the athlete’s functional threshold. You don’t always test for it – I keep the personal velocity profile updated daily with data archive and review.

“Using Pulseline Power Analysis, I can monitor exact threshold progression/regression, understand exactly what the athlete’s strengths and weaknesses are, see how the athlete responds to specific training stress, constantly comparing data to both personal and EE athlete blueprint data. With a full Maximum Velocity Profile in place, I can sync all systems of the engine to fire harmoniously during peak times of the year – this is how we peak and can thus earn the leap of condition.

“What you do in training, you do in racing. As an athlete told me the other day, I push him in a superior manner, every workout designed with a purpose and objective – I know exactly what I want, and I am able to get it from him. He has won the State Criterium Championships two times and he told me he enjoys the training more than the racing. And, really, he gets it – the goal is to not leave the race a champion, but to show up as one.”