“Killed it with your training and shared knowledge today with some nice 215 watt pulls and controlled climbing over 4500 ft.  149 miles.  The most intelligent I have ever  ridden.  You should be proud.”

– Chris Wilcox, Triathlon



“Your coaching and program works great! Like I said, we did it together – you and I. Thanks again Ken!”
– Csaba Horvath, Endurance MTB



“Hey Ken, thanks again for being my swami and spirit guide. Kind of a miracle I got through this race considering cold/bronchitis setbacks these last weeks. Such a great race.”
– David Chomowicz, Endurance MTB




“I gotta say I love working with you. It’s all come together. It’s clicking and I am flying.”
– Robert Rakowitz, Time Trial



“Thanks for all your help, it’s been a great journey. Love the process of putting in hard work and getting tangible results. It’s such a great and rewarding feeling.”
– Victor Gras, Road Racing


“This is absolutely amazing. I came from pack fodder last year to the top step of one of the biggest race in the greater DC area (this and charm city are the two biggest races). All the big hitters were here and I beat them. This does so much for my confidence!
Thank you for all the guidance and coaching. Couldn’t have done it without you!”
– Bilal Zia, CX


“I’m really impressed about your ability to make practices so useful and interesting!!! The drifting, off-camber practice just days before came really helpful on this race!”
– Csaba Horvath, CX



Thanks for the great season!  I figured I’d show improvement, but not as much as I have.  
– Jamie Hibell, CX


“Thank you for the kind words! It feels good to look back at this CX season and  see nothing but positives. I couldn’t have done it without your vision.  On a group ride the other night, a friend was saying how lost he is at this time of the year on the bike.  I said I was too, until I teamed up with you.  I said getting a coach was the best cycling decision I ever made!”
– Nick Morell, CX & MTB