“Killed it with your training and shared knowledge today with some nice 215 watt pulls and controlled climbing over 4500 ft.  149 miles.  The most intelligent I have ever  ridden.  You should be proud.”
– Chris Wilcox, Triathlon


“Hey Ken, thanks again for being my swami and spirit guide. Kind of a miracle I got through this race considering cold/bronchitis setbacks these last weeks. Such a great race.”
– David Chomowicz, Endurance MTB


“I gotta say I love working with you. It’s all come together. It’s clicking and I am flying.”
– Robert Rakowitz, Time Trial


“Your coaching and program works great! Like I said, we did it together – you and I. Thanks again Ken!”
– Csaba Horvath, Endurance MTB

“Thanks for all your help, it’s been a great journey. Love the process of putting in hard work and getting tangible results. It’s such a great and rewarding feeling.”
– Victor Gras, Road Racing