Power meters were an industry breakthrough. Maximum Velocity Profiles are a coaching breakthrough.

BioTesting is a coaching breakthrough – 100% data-driven custom analysis to provide the Perfect Predictor.

“Elite Endurance is on a different level not only with how we create training, but also in how we learn about the athlete and accelerate the process of improvement,” Speedcenter director Sean Pasieka says.

When you come to Elite Endurance for coaching, you can choose initial BioTesting, which begins with an in-depth questionnaire that your head coach and the strength & conditioning coach will then use to create a custom set of on-bike tests. This baseline data is then used for the creation of a training program that will help you achieve your goals. More than a fitness test, it is a series of tests individually designed for you, conducted by a team of professionals.

“Based on the athlete’s specific goals, we then can run him/her through a battery of proprietary tests,” Sean says, “to establish an honest picture of potential. With Pulseline analysis, we strip apart your power curve and compare it to our blueprint archives – we see what strengths and weaknesses exist in each part of each training zone.”

At the end of each BioTest, the coaching staff can point you 100% to ideal goals for your next training block.

With BioTesting, the Elite Endurance coaching staff understand the athlete – where they came from, where they are, and where they are going.


In order to understand your power curve, the coaching staff conducts a preliminary BioTest Questionnaire via email, to best select your BioTesting protocol.

A testing date is set and when you arrive at the Elite Endurance Bike Lab, the staff has already taken into account your age, your body weight, your athletic history, your yearly history and progression on the bike, your history of racing in distinct temperatures and weather conditions.

Through custom testing, Elite Endurance can identify your personal power curve and create future velocity profile predictions and race weight, unlocking your path to peak performance.

“With BioTesting, we see what you must do in training to achieve your goal,” Sean says, “we provide the answer, eliminating any dead time or missteps – you move forward with new strength and excited confidence – what we deliver here cannot be created elsewhere.”

  • full analysis of the extensive BioTest Questionnaire.
  • in-house Bike Lab pro-fit from the region’s premier bike-fit specialist.
  • in-house Bike Lab BioTest conducted by Speedcenter’s Sean Pasieka, tests designed for you, for your goals. Test data analyzed by Pasieka, Kenneth Lundgren, Laura Slavin, and other Elite Endurance staff when necessary.
  • full BioTest Lab Results, which describes your power curve, predicts your fitness, and points you towards realistic goals.
  • 2nd BioTest, performed remotely and mid-way to goal event – Lab Results PROGRESS REPORT included, describing progress and what needs to be addressed in training in order to achieve peak fitness for goal event.

Full BioTesting is $400