DietRx has cracked the code for endurance sports fueling.

DietRx is an in-house personalized diet and nutrition counseling service available to athletes working with Elite Endurance Training Systems.

At DietRx, we provide you with all the information necessary to fuel in a way that meets both your individual lifestyle and competition needs, as well as optimizing your personal biorhythm. DietRx provides feedback and suggestions including:

1) fueling strategies
2) full analysis of current diet
3) food and nutrient suggestions
4) supplement suggestions
5) sample recipes
6) sample meal plans

Diet is not diet – diet is lifestyle, just how training is lifestyle. DietRx syncs both together to ensure your training system can rev with sustainable consistency.

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DietRx Individual Plans

DietRx VIP
  • Complete nutritional and dietary assessment.
  • Unlimited access to DietRx.
  • Food log analysis with weekly presentation.
  • Includes DietRx mailing list.


DietRx LEVEL 1
  • Complete nutritional and dietary assessment.
  • Food log analysis.
  • Weekly feedback from DietRx counselor.


DietRx LEVEL 2
  • One complete nutritional and dietary assessment.
  • Monthly feedback from DietRx counselor.