“DietRx is our philosophy regarding diet and nutrition – you are a V10 race car. You don’t put 87 octane into your gas tank. Do not be fooled: you very much are what you eat.

“DietRx raises the level of service that Elite Endurance can provide,” Kenneth Lundgren says. “My métier is training programs, not diet. I have a solid understanding of diet and have distinct dietary principles, but diet is not my specialty. Furthermore, my aptitude for diet is not as good as someone who does this full-time.

“So I hired an in-house diet counselor, she’s better than me, and now I can spend more time managing my athlete’s training. DietRx is 20 years of racing experience and 12+ years of athlete diet feedback based on coaching advice.

“During my career, I became successful in time trials. My power curve flattened, and I also gained some healthy weight. However, for events where power-to-weight was more critical, like hard road races or MTB racing, I really suffered.

“In the final year of my career, I wanted to excel at cross-country MTB racing and go out with a bang. I knew I needed professional assistance with diet. DietRx prescribed the Bikeorexia Diet – Laura is a trained scientist and has taken advanced college courses in science, mathematics, nutrition.

“In short, same me, same engine, I went from being a top-10, maybe top-5 rider in Cat-1 MTB racing to winning six consecutive Cat-1 MTB races in my final year. DietRx was the biggest part of this success.”

“Elite Endurance Training Systems elevates to an unmatched level to 100% help you, to actually take steps forward – the secret to success is maximizing every day. Because that is success – success is not being great on race day. Success is about being great every day – in a week, a month, a year, imagine where you can go.”