Kenneth Lundgren retired from competition in 2014 in his prime as the most decorated time trialist in regional history, winning the TT Cup for 3 consecutive years, setting 9+ course records along the way.

In this final year undefeated on the TT bike, he also won 6 consecutive Cat-1 MTB races.

Ken had been racing a full calendar since 2000 and after achieving all racing goals in a killer 2014 spring, he didn’t feel a desire to compete anymore. “Elite Endurance was growing every year, and I had been feeling the shift from athlete to coach. But, as an athlete, you always want to test yourself, to see what you can do, and now I’ve found a perfect outlet with endurance MTB racing, excellent balance with work and play. I still am coaching full-time, and I still train daily and prepare for specific goals, race selectively three or four times all year. In truth, still being on a personal journey in training makes me a better coach. Today, I fully embrace my perspective — coaching is who I am, this is what I am, and I am excited to see what the future brings.”

KL Biography - within textDuring high school, Ken wrestled varsity in a “wrestling-obsessed” town and was part of two county and regional-championship squads. In college, he aspired to play tennis professionally and once he started to ride the bike as a way to gain superior fitness, the bike completely took over. In short time, with a complete obsession for everything training, Ken raced through the USAC categories and was one of the area’s top road racers.

“I started coaching professionally back in 2005 when a triathlete and a mountain biker asked me to design their training — and both of them won, and Elite Endurance was born.”

Ken recalls why coaching is in his blood: “The transformation in college, from tennis player to cyclist to… to something else. I was riding faster, riding longer, my energy levels peaking. My physique slimmed from 178 to 160, and I was enjoying those long climbs up to the dorms. I began doing large group rides, I was immersed in exercise physiology courses — I was learning and riding and improving and dreaming and never in my life have I felt so alive. This experience, that magical memory of feeling like I’ve arrived on a bike, I yearn to give that to everyone.”

With Elite Endurance, what started with 2 athletes has grown to a roster with a strong national presence – Elite Endurance currently trains athletes in India, Germany, Japan, and New Zealand, too. Elite Endurance employs an MVP analyst, diet counselor, executive manager, Speedcenter director, events director, MTB Academyassociate coach, and Bike Lab technicians.

Elite Endurance coaches road, MTB, and cyclocross athletes, as well as road/off-road triathletes, runners, and duathletes.

While not coaching, Ken sponsors and commandeers a champion cyclocross team, assaults Strava on his TT bike in summer, tries to ride his MTB sinister amounts in autumn, organizes and leads the notorious Wednesday Worlds MTB, road, and cyclocross Fight Club practices, and works out every Monday and Friday at Planet Fitness in Riverdale, NJ.

Away from work, Ken’s biggest hobby is boxing and MMA and he likes to regularly attend the fights or host epic parties on fight night. His favorite activity is taking his dog, Fox, for long walks.

Ken can be reached at