Michael Whitaker

Height: 6’0”

December Weight: 200 lbs.

Race Weight: 180-190 lbs.

Birthdate: 11/24/73, Lancaster PA.

Childhood Heroes: “Loved watching Joe Montana as quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. I remember watching the championship game between the 49ers and Cowboys when Dwight Clark had ‘The Catch.’ Then Super Bowl XVI against the Cincinnati Bengals. From then on, I’ve been a 49ers fan. Montana’s the best quarterback ever.”

Hobbies: “Cycling, running.”

Favorite Movies: “The Breakfast Club, Unbreakable, Animal House, The Goonies, Breaking Away.”

Musical Tastes: “Anything except country.”

Favorite TV shows: “American Idol, Seinfeld, NFL football.”

Favorite Meal: “Spaghetti with marinara, no meat.”

Favorite Cereal: “Frosted Flakes.”

Pre-Race Meal: “Pancakes and eggs if later start.”

Ice Cream: “Chocolate Marshmallow.”

Childhood Dream: “Play professional basketball. Would spend all day and night playing on court.”

First Car: “1994 Toyota Pickup 4×4.”

First Job: “Paperboy in 5th grade. Was buying my own bikes and financing them since 7th grade.”

Vacation Spot: “Rehoboth Beach, Delaware with the wife and kids.”

Pre-Race Feeling: “Have done hundreds of running and bike races since I was 14. Always a little nervous but usually able to stay calm and relaxed. Try not to worry or think about how the legs feel and never check HR. Always believe I am ready to race no matter what has happened that day or the days prior to race.”

Funny Racing Moment: “I always get a kick out of racers yelling and cursing at each other during a race.”

Greatest Racing Moment: “Winning the Tour of Mt. Nebo. Really tough course with steep climbs each lap and uphill finish. Easily took the finish and teammate also got 2nd.”

Worst Injury From Racing: “Was third wheel and 150 meters from the finish at the Marietta Criterium. Coming out of chicane and the first rider went down. The top-15 went down at 30-plus mph. Saw about eight other riders at the hospital. Had to get stitches on arm and leg. Worst part – had new Ksyrium SLs on. Destroyed.”

Closest Racing Friends: “Justin Waynick, Scott Haverstick, Rob Allen, Steve May, my Spinners Cycling Team.”

Funniest Racer: “Brian Trdina. Good Cat-2 racer who can get in another rider’s head and make them chase breaks, etc. Not afraid to speak his mind during a race.”

Favorite Race: “SOYOCO, Mt. Nebo.”

Embarrassing Racing Memory: “Almost crashing last year during SOYOCO. Was off the front and during high speed turn, flew off the road. Lucky not to lose it in that grass and dirt.”

Toughest Competition: “John Spittal, Dave Black, Dwayne Clinton, Brad Ober, Scott Haverstick, Matt Hollenbach, too many to mention.”

Favorite Athlete to Watch: “Right now it has to be Tom Brady. The only QB of recent who can compare to Joe Montana. Nobody has his cool and calm. You would not want any other QB leading your offense when the game is on the line. Makes it look too easy.”

Quality Admire In People: “Honesty. At work, I have to be a human lie detector. All walks of life will be dishonest, from the drug user to the professional.”

What You Love Most About Riding Your Bike: “The camaraderie. Always can find people or a large group to ride with. The freedom and ability to see more than during an 8-mile run. Good form of exercise that does not wear down your body. Training is cumulative and you get stronger over time. No other activity has the longevity and ability to perform at a high level well into your 60’s.”