Sean Runnette

Sean Runnette

“I rode like everyone else when I was younger – or like a lot of people, the lucky ones. The bike was a key to the world. Without it, I would have taken a whole lot longer getting lost. And finding my way back.

“The bicycle was the first thing I loved that got stolen. And then stolen again. It was a way to make a living for a while. It was how to get around a big city.

“Now it’s like a hammer that empties my wallet every time it smashes my head.

“And I love it.

“I raced in Central Park a million years ago. Enjoyed it a bit, but decided to smoke and ride drunk through Central Park at 4 AM night after night instead. Came back to racing in So Cal, finding in Cyclocross a blend of JG Ballard voyeurism and the Torquemada. And it stuck this time. Seven years later, having flirted with single-digit finishes for a bit, I’m still in. All in.”

Height: 6’8”

December Weight: 205lbs

Race Weight: 200lbs (“although KL wants me down to 190”)

Birthdate: September 3, 1966

Childhood Heroes: “Bob Crane. Seriously.”

Hobbies and Interests: “Um, racing cross. What else is there? Writing”

Favorite Movies: Evil Dead 2, This Must Be The Place.”

Musical Tastes: “Marnie Stern, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The JBs, Scout Niblett.”

Favorite TV Shows:Sherlock [the British one].”

Favorite Meal: “Everything I shouldn’t eat during race season.”

Favorite Breakfast Cereal: “Muesli.”

Favorite Pre-Race Meal: “QuickChek sausage and egg croissant.”

Favorite Post-Race Meal: “Beer.”

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: “Rocky Road.”

Childhood Dream: “Scary ones, but I’m medicated now.”

First Car: “1973 Ford Econoline 100. A massive piece of crap that was perfect for a teenager. No need to drive home when I was drunk – there was a BED in the back. Also, I always had friends ‘cause everyone needed a ride somewhere. I miss it/them.”

First Job: “Swept the floors and polished windows at the first Banana Republic in Mill Valley for two weeks.” Favorite Vacation Spot: “Chamonix.”

Pre-Race Feeling: “Mostly trying to sort through the chaff of ‘ohmygodohmygodohmygod,’ trying to find that little-kid excitement, then trying to focus on that ONLY.”

Early Racing Memory: “Breaking my new Torrelli frame in Prospect Park in the Cat-5 race in Prospect Park a billion years ago. Hit a pothole and folded the top-tube.”

Funny Racing Memory: “Lending a multi-tool to a guy at Waywayanda, during that H2H race. He had a carbon leg. And he never returned the tool. When I tried to track him down, it sounded like the beginning of a bad joke: ‘I lent a tool to a guy with no leg…’”

Greatest Racing Moment: “Another Prospect Park race. My friend Thorsten rode away at the start of the Cat-4 race, and I blipped up to tell him to slow down, the pack was way behind us. He looked back, and proceeded to take me on a Tour of the Land of Suffering. Feffing Germans… We finished side-by-side 45 minutes later with a 2-minute gap on the field. I then vomited for a while.”

Most Painful Moment In Life: “Hasn’t happened yet. No rush.”

Worst Injury from Racing: “Last season. Just a constant assault, from the first race to the last. Death, measured by total scab-weight.”

Closest Racing Friends: “Everyone I line up against. And Dan Larino. And the Blue Crew.”

Funniest Racer: “Steven Mancuso. I think he may be an undercover cop. Plus, he rides his bike like a John Deere tractor.”

Favorite Race: “Bubblecross.”

Embarrassing Racing Memory: “Every mountain bike race I do.”

Toughest Competitors: “Everyone in my races.”

Favorite Athletes to Watch: “Stacey Barbossa. 100% heart.”

Qualities You Most Admire in People: “Bravery.”

What You Love Most About Riding Your Bicycle: “I know that riding is supposed to be the best thing ever. That it’s supposed to make a bad day better, unicorns, etc. But for me it’s like a mood ring. If I’ve got everything else sorted, getting on the bike is the cherry on top. But if I’m letting things go, or am pissed off, or having a pity-party, that’s EXACTLY what I get on the bike. It’s a Bullshit-O- Meter.”