Ed’s next goal event is Silverman 70.3 on October 4th, with ambition to qualify for 2016 Worlds 70.3.

Ed recently had a PR performance at the Ocala Olympic Triathlon. “I had some killer splits but a terrible swim,” Ed said, summing up the day.

The weather was cold and perfect — but cold, and Ed stayed in the car longer than usual to put his wetsuit on. When the gun went off, the pack raced off towards the sun, swimming furiously towards the horizon white light.

Ed did not feel great in the water, flat and not comfortable. “I was pulling right quite often and I think I ended up with about 100 extra meters on the swim.”

Not a great performance, Ed coming out of the water in 33rd. “I was not having a great day and the top-three guys were fast. Two swam a 1:58, 3rd was a 2:02. 4th got me by 1:40.”

Bad Swim does not equate to Bad Day, but even T1 didn’t go as planned as the wetsuit did not come off his wet arms. He thinks he lost another minute here, finally able to slide onto his bicycle.

On the bike, Ed was able to stay calm and shake out a strong rhythm, finding that upper-comfort zone and hammering it.

Ed went from 33rd to 6th as he reached T2 and dismounted from his bike.

“5th place was getting his shoes on next to me as I racked my bike,” Ed said. “My feet were like bricks because of the cold and no socks, numb, but I kept good form and took off after him.”

Ed was curious what pace he could maintain and pushed a challenging one, noting he could sustain it. Within a mile, he caught 5th place and opened the gap.

“I kept noticing 4th on the turnarounds ahead,” Ed said, “but he was a bit too far in front.” The athlete later told Ed he was a little nervous, checking over his should for the fast-bike-dude with the red visor.

Ed Crossman finished the race in 5th place.

The final time was 2:15:31, and his 2014 time was 2:24:10 – nine-minute PR. Ed’s bike split was 4th fastest and he was able to produce the 5th fastest run of the day. “I could not be happier,” Ed said. “Great start to the season. And my wife just had to show me up too, she was 3rd Female Overall!”

Ed is on track for Florida 70.3 and knows what he needs to focus on as he tapers. “I’ve never been a fast swimmer… or even a swimmer,” Ed said, “and I think it is something I need to speed up by a lot for October. Florida will be tough, it is an M-shaped swim that makes it challenging.”

* * *

At the Publix Half-Marathon the week prior, Ed also PR’d.

Race temps mid-50s, drizzling and rainy. The course was very hilly.

“My pacing worked out,” Ed said. “I didn’t set a mile PR in the first mile, I just kept my HR down and speed up for the downhills. I was keeping the pace really well throughout and was saving energy. I may have paced too safe, as the final three miles are fairly tough uphills, and I felt great at the 11 and 12-mile marks.”

Ed produced a huge PR and improved his best time by six minutes.