H+H RACING UPDATE | Dagostino 3rd @ Philly Navy Yard Crit

Lauren Dagostino was caught between the Racer Dilemma: two great races, which to choose? Her coach had told her Saturday would bring amazing legs, so doing the Sandy Hook TT or the Philly pro event would be of equal interest

She had planned on racing the ocean-windy TT, where her power would serve a severe advantage, but she decided to race the criterium with two of her teammates, Anna and Emily, which proved to be an awesome H+H team experience.

The Philly Navy Yard Criterium was stacked with pro and regional talent. Lauren’s legs were on and she decided to test the field a few times, each time the peloton reeling her in.

The team rode well. Anna and Emily were active the entire race. Lauren stayed up front and could feel the field getting decimated from behind, and she felt confident having two teammates around her all race — don’t be fooled, cycling is a team sport,

And a pack of wolves are more powerful than one wolf.

“Anna got away for a few laps,” Lauren said, “but the wind hacked her down.”

Riders were getting dropped and there were a few crashes as the peloton throttled through the course.

Lauren battled and hovered top-8 with 4 laps to go. Amongst the chaos of the final lap, she felt confident. The H+H squad races well together. The dynamic of the rider styles meshes well.

She was confident nothing was going to get away and stayed towards the front. “Anna pulled the field,” Lauren said. “She rode strong, everyone was strung out.”

In the final lap of the race, the volatility of everyone’s ambition was making the race squirrely. Lauren was able to wedge herself near the front, and going into the turn she could feel herself being squeezed back.

The final sprint was shorter this year, Lauren instantly knew it was going to be hard to generate up to full speed.

She roared out of the turn and nailed it.

Amy Cutler won. Laura Van Gilder was 2nd. Lauren Dagostino finished 3rd.

Lauren’s coach noted the team earned a successful day of racing. “Lauren felt good in a peloton of the region’s top names,” Kenneth Lundgren said, “she raced smart, she was able to read the race very well, she instantly felt what was going wrong on-course and understand why. Lauren is a very successful person and is a quick learn. She will be sharper for it in the future.”

“Overall it was a great day,” Lauren said. “The team rode awesome, I felt amazing, and my sprint power was on point. Boom.”

* * *

Lauren Dagostino races for H+H Racing, an exclusive women’s road racing team. Lauren is also a state champion in cyclocross.

Her first peak of 2015 is planned for the Time Trial & Road Race National Championships at the end of May.