2006 and beyond…


Let me recap: in Spring 2002, I was a Cat-5, then a 4, and by May a pretty strong 3, addicted to racing my bike and riding hard. That year, however, I took 3 whole years off. Zero riding. Nunca.
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That was 2006. I achieved my goal of upgrading and saw firsthand just how hard some of the Pro/1/2 races are. I worked hard for the team, particularly Roger, and saw how strong some of the WV riders are…

I look forward to 2007 and have been riding more than ever.

I?ll be riding for the Northeastern Hardware Cycling Team this season. I?m very excited, although I have great friends at WV and tons of fond memories. O?Donnell, Riff, Roger, Facas, Streckfuss, Troy, Mike, Goldman, Cosgrove, Chapman, Valverde ? good God the team is STACKED!

I wish all of you the best for the upcoming arduous campaign and look forward to seeing you all on the road!!!

Kenneth Lundgren


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