Cyclocross Nationals Update


Here is 3x Nationals medalist Stacey Barbossa’s 2015 Cyclocross Nationals race recap!

“I visualized the race hundreds of times in my mind, but never once did I consider that I would be back near the middle of the pack before we even hit the first turn. Yet, that’s where I found myself — a frozen foot and a missed pedal at the start will do that.

“I called on every aspect of my training to pull myself up to second place on a tight and deceptively technical course, and then fought hard to hold on when I realized that a win was beyond my reach. My Colavita co-Captain, Marni Harker, captured the last pivotal moments of the race when I summoned every last bit of fight I had left to get to the top of the final hill and then subsequently sprint for the silver medal.

“My best friend, Gina Bilotti, said it best: I’m happy but I’m not satisfied.

“Then again, I’m never satisfied. Isn’t that what it takes to keep pushing yourself when your body and your mind are telling you to stop? Never, ever give up. It’s been an AMAZING year….two National Championship podiums!

“Thank you, to Colavita and all of my Extra Virgin teammates, our leader, Rich Bauch, Hilltop Bicycles, the Holster Park crew (especially Kathryn Cumming), all of the awesome family, friends and strangers, who took the time to send me encouraging words along the way, my Coach, the insanely awesome Kenneth Lundgren of Elite Endurance Training Systems and Lauren Anne for supporting and putting up with all of this nonsense. Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.”

— Stacey Barbossa


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