Limited time today. Did weights after dinner. Would’ve been nice to get that immense turkey intake straight into the muscles, but time just did not allow.

I have an old hip injury. I did intense physical therapy all last winter. It helped. a little. As I built up to heavier weight exercises this year, the hip flared up and tightened again. I was exceptionally cautious with the weights, but the hip is the hip, so I’m limited in this regard.

So I keep it light. I still go intense, but gotta keep it higher rep. Squats. Dumbbell Lunges. Then superset Leg Curls and Knees Raises, then pump out sets of Calf Raises.

For the core, I do Crunches and Reverse Crunches. The hip stuff I do from Dr. Carbone and Total Health involves a lot of ab and back work. Lotsa stretching. This stuff, I’m telling you, can numb your brain whole. I finish with Hyperextensions. I love how they also stretch the hammies…

I wanted to ride in the morn, but my Pops goes, “Why don’t you take a day off?” Guilt trip, or perhaps he doesn’t get it. Well, I want to be a good son, so I didn’t even look at the road bike today.


Hope everyone’s holidays were, um, happy.


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