Days are Numbered


Did a steady, mid-morning ride with 8 or so friends down in Morristown. That section of Morris County makes for excellent riding — wide roads, wooded areas, rolling terrain, quiet, almost no cars. Rode past Liberty Corner and enjoyed the 55-degree sunshine.

Got the time I wanted. Data is a little flat, so I guess scheduling that recovery week (errr, almost a week) for next week is a good idea. Hope everyone is riding and well (not necessarily in that order!).

Tanita: 154.8 pounds
Ride Time: 4h 26m
Norm Watts: 201
Distance: 76 miles

Avg. Watts: 151
Max Watts: 755
HR: 123 bpm
Cadence: 86 bpm
Speed: 17.0 mph

I spent 32:00 at 120-125 HR, and the rest of the RED bars on the graph hugged the same vicinity. Good good…


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