Endurance Festivus


Rode to Franklin Avenue, met the Gisler about 10 miles from home. We turned back, bombed down to the base of Skyline and avoided it altogether! We rode around the base, up and around Wanaque. Turned onto Westbrook and ascented for awhile. We’re weird. He’s faster on the flats. I’m faster on the hills. He’s smaller. I’m bigger. Makes for a weird rhythm, but we both rode at a nice clip.

We turned onto this road not far from Gould, and it made for excellent riding. Rolling, super twisty, beautiful landscape, the reservoir twinkling everywhere to our left. Burn that one into memory…

We found ourselves in Warwick, pit-stopping quick at a deli, then climbing up Mt. Peter and riding along Greenwood Lake. Lotsa climbing today! The sun was out and we could actually feel it!

We tried to avoid Greenwood Lake Turnpike, so we ended up on Stonetown Road, more climbing. Bombed down a forever descent. Headed back towards Oakland. Once there, we parted ways and each tagged on an additional 16 miles or so. Focker beat me by a mile when I called him later!

I went a little harder than I wanted, but the data is not overly obscene. A good solid day in the saddle. I was not super fresh. Did weights on Monday, big-gear stuff Tuesday, steady Tempo Wednesday. But it was nice to get the hours in. Gisler’s riding very, very well…

Tanita: 156.8 pounds.
Ride Time: 4h 56m
Norm Watts: 212
Distance: 90 miles

Avg. Watts: 172
Max Watts: 1220
HR: 141 bpm
Cadence: 91 rpms
Speed: 18.1 mph


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