Happy Thanksgiving


Today I slept in late. I was at my girlfriend’s until very late last night. She’s home from UVM. Gotta get all the time I can get while she’s home!!!

With the day’s ****ty conditions, I swapped days in the schedule and did weights. I finally went heavy on the squats after a good six-week build-up. I felt strong. My back especially felt stronger. Squat-wise, I am way ahead of last year’s schedule, so that’s relieving.

I then did dumbbell lunges, trying to keep perfect form, then leg curls supersetted with knee raises, then some calisthenics and a ton of core work. I supersetted push-ups and chin-ups, trying again to do perfect form. I was surprised I could do 20 chins during the fourth set, digging deep. Not bad for an ectomorph!!!

But I love doing core stuff. Lotsa movements on the exercise ball, crunches, reverse crunches, hyperextensions. I think these exercises really help.

At work the other night, it was dead and we were all bull****ting. We were talking UFC and wrestling, and before you know it we’re all grappling. It brought back memories of high school (if you wrestled in my town, you did so from kindergarten-12th grade!). At Pequannock, all we were good at was wrestling. That’s it. Instead of gymnastics we had wrestlenastics. On the town limit sign it says “Welcome to Wrestling Country.’ You get the idea. Those were the days!

Well, the other night it felt great to be going through the motions again. It felt almost intrinsic, knowing the moves, almost anticipating what you’re going to do. I love locking up with more powerful guys and using technique over brawn. We were all red and out of breath and laughing afterwards. Good thing I’m staying in some type of shape!!! To make a long story short, I could definitely feel the benefit of the leg and ab work I’ve been doing.

Not a bad idea: Next Westwood meeting, we have a little wrestling tournament. I would almost pay money for it. I already call first dibs on first round with our very own Texas Tornado. It’s a great way to unboil blood. 🙂

Hope everyone had a happy and memorable Thanksgiving. See you on the road this weekend…


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