Coach had me doing some overgeared stuff today, then a bunch of Uphill Sprints. Felt good. Had recovery week last week, so today the legs were fresh.

Did 6 repeats up a steep, steady climb, around 58 rpm average. Time for Kenny High Cadence to develop some power. Earlier in the season, I did these same repeats in same gear, and I was at 360w. Like everyone else on the team, I see the power growing. Today I was at 390w, and my HR was down from earlier on. Always nice to see that stuff…

Then I got my backpack and did some short, very violent uphill sprints to work. Did about 8 of them, each lasting 10-20s. The power was good. Sometimes my power is very high on some and then peters on others. Today I was steady to the end. I think this type of training is important for winter training. If you don’t have a sprint, you’re not going to develop it over the summer. That’s for sure.

Coming home tonight, I kept the cadence very high, 110+ all the way, power under 190w. Steady eddy for 75m or so. Felt good. Mike made fun of me during my Conconi Test last year because I just kept going and going and going. But I’ll learn to turn that bigger gear. After all, Gisler’s bringing the pain next year to Sandy Hook!!! Can’t spin at 115 rpms and expect to compete with that human rocketship…

Oh, and I hate Mike Gisler and his stupid SRM.


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