Last century of 06…


Did fairly challenging Tempo workout on trainer Saturday morn. Everything steady, long shots, churning a high cadence. In the drops, tempoing away on the trainer, home for me is 100-103 rpms. Just right… I felt really good, dripping sweat all over the place! I’m a Tempohead, so these are the workouts I like the most…

This morning I woke up, called Gisler. He was on his bike, on his way to my house! Wolfed down numerous bowls of cereal, put 120 psi into the Michelins, layered up, and out I went, meeting TT-man down the road. I felt good.

We headed north, up through Wanaque, into Ringwood. Immediately, I was warm. Frickin’ Neanderthal! That’s why I need to layer, always taking stuff off. I wish Fitchburg was in March when it’s 50 degrees! I certainly prefer cooler weather…

Riding through downtown Wanaque is always moot — everything gray, like that town in Rambo: First Blood, Blue-Collarville, pick-up trucks all over the place, rickety storefronts plastering the sidewalks, and then the buildings become more and more sparse. You know you’re heading to the forest… The last thing you see: a log cabin animal hospital, a smiley face on the sign.

We hit Long Meadow, down 17A, up 106 and into Harriman. Tried to stay seated, keeping the cadence lower. We saw a group of riders coming towards us, and I thought, A group ride into Harriman??? And it was the WV crew. Past they went fast. Mike and I turned around, but they were gone. Hello guys! ………….. Mike and I turned around again and continued on our way, up 106.


Going down Gate Hill, we turned left near the top and took a different descent. This may be the best descent around! Long, twisty, fast, forever. did I mention twisty? Fun stuff! Bombs past a kiddie camp. A gem.

We dumped out onto 9W, hauled up that guardrail climb at a pretty good clip, and proceeded to climb to the top of Perkins. A nice 25-minute tempo effort. For the first time since October, I climbed at a high cadence, and I felt solid, able to accelerate. We were going steady, but I was ROASTING (and not overdressed). However, the descent is not the most comfortable thing in the world. Your sweat becomes a coat of ice on your skin! Still, I raced down, cornering well, giving a few pops…
Took 9W, a straight shot, all the way back, turning off at Tilcon and taking beautifully wide side roads back into Bergen County. Kept the watts in check, keeping the cadence in the 90s on the flats, then grinding smoothly up all inclines. Good day. Gisler and I keep a good, steady rhythm going…

However, this punk beat me at the 100-mile sprint for a 35 mph sign. 🙁 He jumped me! No, it was a good sprint. We opened it up, he got the edge. I was closing, closing, but he started going faster, and that was that. Right on his wheel, a beaten man.

I hate Mike Gisler and his stupid SRM.
He’s riding strong. Endurance is not his thing. If he keeps it up, everyone look out! I’m confident he can lose some of his TT sting and still dominate and use his new strength to ride strong in long Pro/1/2 road races. We shall see… When on form, that dude has the nastiest sprint in the club…

Good ride to end the year. For this distance, my best data thus far. I’ve been able to follow my plan pretty well. With this mellow winter, I fear riders are going to come out SCREAMING FAST in March. I’ve seen firsthand what it’s like to get flat in July. With this in mind, I may opt not to target Battenkill-Roubaix and instead try and excel for the High Point/Bear Mountain block…

Hope everyone is riding, and riding lots. Happy New Year…

Tanita: 154.8 pounds
Ride Time: 6:03
Norm Watts: 215
Distance: 105 miles

Avg. Watts: 178
Max. Watts: 1098 (I hate Mike Gisler)
HR: 137
Cadence: 88
Speed: 17.5 mph


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