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Hey Guys,

Back from Ohio… I’m a huge supporter of the company and it’s nice seeing them revising things and keeping the PowerCrank site interesting… There is a lot of great information on that site… Some guys pretty much detest PowerCranks, and I suppose they’re not for everyone. But I’ve seen what they can do for riders.

Roger Aspholm, avid PowerCranker, almost obsessively so. Has this guy won anything substantial?

Mike Gisler, two-time State TT Cup Champion, Battenkill-Roubaix winner, and State TT Championship winner: PowerCranker.

Fast Eddy Ceccolini, top pro mountain biker in area: PowerCranker.

Dan Hoffman, the guy who won every important Cat-3 event last year before upgrading to Cat-2 where he continued to rip it up: PowerCranker.

Troy Kimball, world-class sprinter who can climb, TT, mountain-bike, cyclo-cross, and push a breakaway with the best: PowerCranker.

Dana Fallon, 10th at National Time Trial Championships, usually places 1st or 2nd in NJ TT Cup: PowerCranker.

PowerCranks really helped me, also. I took 2nd for consecutive years in the New Jersey State Time Trial Cup (not too shabby! lost to Mike “the Missile” Gisler and Will O’Donnell). Last year, after being on PowerCranks for a few years, I was able to push much harder on them and I ended up taking almost 3 minutes off my already-good 40k time… At 152 pounds, my Functional Threshold went from around 320w in 2006 to around 340+w in 2008… For a guy who’s been riding a long time, that’s a hefty improvement… and 2006 is when I started on PowerCranks…

In short, if you use them, and use them correctly, PowerCranks certainly work…


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