November Training


This week was a shorter week, having piled on the miles the last three weeks, doing pretty much all aerobic work.

I rode to and from work (19 miles one way) Monday and Tuesday, recovery rides.

I did 3 hours of tempo on the TT bike Wednesday, just cruising. I got that thing dialed in, rolling at 25 without killing myself.

Thursday I did distance, 3+ hours, hilly, seated, natural cadence, keeping HR under 150 on climbs. I stopped early to make sure this week stays easy on the training stress front. But I felt awesome.

Friday was another commute, 38 miles over hilly terrain, HR under 135. I love that ride home at night, just me and the dark and some good music. Commuting in the dark is actually my favorite part of the week!!!

Saturday I rode to the Park Ridge Ridge, did the ride, then rode with Gisler and Raheb for awhile, going up 9W and noodling along. I felt super good, really fresh at the end. When I got home, I had 91 miles. The training I’m doing is certainly working…

Sunday I did a ride with some new friends, 50 miles. It was shorter and harder than what I wanted, but when you’re outnumbered and don’t want to get left in the middle of Liberty Corner, you just follow wheels. Afterwards, we all went back to the house and had a nice post-ride meal and shot the ****.

On Sunday, I alternate between doing a long hilly endurance ride, easy, or doing the Nyack Ride, what I call gray hard riding, then doing more endurance stuff afterwards. I know it’s not the best to mix the two, but so be it. Either way, I’ll get 4+ hours minimum.

In November, I’m lifting once a week. That’ll go to 2 times a week come December. I’m also incorporating short sprint work into my winter program. I didn’t do any this week because it was time to cut back a little.

In 2007, I hope to be a new Ken. 🙂 I keep on thinking, ‘If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.’ Plus I have some bones to pick…


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