Nyack Ride then Orchards


Drove to Tenafly. Couldn’t believe the weather. This global warming is gonna kill us. Yup. I’m convinced.

Met the Nyack Ride in Sparkill. I sat in, a little rusty actually with the group riding thing! Before the two reservoirs, headwinds were splitting gaps open all over the place. I could see the strain in the peloton, so I surged. Had a gap. Bridged and passed Jordan and Chapman, who were dangling in front like a carrot.

Hit the light. Always. Went through, riders on us, but I gassed it up the first climb. We ripped around the reservoir, opening it up. Jordan was there, then he wasn’t. Just tryin’ to enjoy the day, man! Chris and I rode well together, getting almost out of sight. Then… he missed a turn! Chris! I stopped. Chris goes, “Kenny, go on without me!” I say, “C’mon Chris, if we get caught, we get caught. We’re gonna finish together!” Like something out of a ‘Nam movie!!!

So we get back on track, and now the peloton is close. In Old Tappan, we drilled it some more. Bombed down and up and down into Piermont. Holy craziness. Eh, part of the fun, right? Nasty, nasty headwind. The peloton wasn’t there… and then they were! Closing in FAST! I did a hard pull. Chris was gapped. This time I didn’t hesitate and gassed it full-metal, almost 400w for the last two minutes. Good thing while riding in the break I kept the watts in check, all high tempo or low LT. It’s good to have that last hammer in reserve when you need it. Was able to hold ’em off… I was happy with how I felt considering this is an engine I’ve left in the closet for awhile…

Then rode up to the Orchards, staying seated on all climbs, grinding it out. All 60-70 rpms, trying to feel the entire pedal stroke. I’m getting better. Found some climbs in Ramapo and Monsey, short, lots of them. For today, this terrain was better than Harriman.

While doing the big-gear stuff, I have to admit it’s draining. I’m not Roger. My knees aren’t ready to bow. Climb after climb, grinding away, the power down but aware that this is more of a strength workout. The climbing took its effect on me. By the time I hit Mahwah, downhill terrain, I was relieved!

Took this beautiful twisty road to the end, the sun cutting long shadows across the road, and I took the road right to Route 17! No, couldn’t turn around. Heaved out onto 17 for a minute, hooking back onto Franklin Turnpike. Weaved and wound my way towards Tenafly. Good ride. Felt fresh at the end. Hip was okay. Not great, but not bad. In January, we go longer…

I think that when the bike is in tune, fitted perfectly, not making any damn sounds, when you’re totally flowing in the middle of a long ride, cresting climbs and cutting downhills fast, going from town to town to town, the wind in your face, the rrrrrrrrrr of the chain lofting to your ears, the cadence steady, the bike almost an extension of your body, there are not many things better in this dreary world that you can experience without getting bored.

Ride Time: 5:01
Norm Watts: 218
Distance: 92 miles

Avg. Watts: 167
Max Watts: 1128
HR: 137 bpm
Cadence: 88 rpms
Speed: 18.4 mph
Hooray for Christmas Eve and no headband!


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