Satisfaction & Reward

You have the vision, and you have the goal.


You know you’re just not going to hop on a bike and become a champion. But by maximizing a training system to can generate consistent peak performances, you will speed up the process.

And then you train — the basics. You become an all-around stronger cyclist, and then you expose your weakness — this will create motivation, building a steel foundation that allows you to continue to set the bar higher.

You see firsthand with hard work and discipline, you can achieve success, and you breed new confidence in yourself.

As a coach, the most exciting time is the weeks before the goal event, coming down from peak training loads. In order to achieve peak condition, you have already seen success made from sweat and sacrifice, blood and vision, mind and muscle, triumph and victory.

As a coach, I love this process, of helping bring the athlete up, and then knowing what is going to then happen. You see athletes achieve personal success, you see champions generated.

This becomes then your vision. The process of expanding what is possible for every athlete is fascinating and endless.

And what you doing in training, you will do in competition.

Winners are not born. They are built.

There is zero novelty to that.


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