Today was overcast but not cold, mid 50s. I took the TT bike out at 10:30, keeping it steady on a hilly route towards Glen Rock. Stayed seated, kept the cadence high, 100+. It’s amazing how much faster that bike is…

Once I got to Glen Rock, I did laps around the Duck Pond for an hour, staying in the bars. A little numbing, but quality training. I am relieved to finally be able to ride that bike for more than an hour without wanting to cry!!!

The Duck Pond is a flat half-mile loop, no interruptions. At the tip of the loop, there’s a jack-knife turn. I take it wide, staying seated, and smoothly accelerate away. Kept the power between 245-285 watts, HR under 155.

The ride didn’t feel as effortless as last week’s tempo session, but last week I just had an excellent workout. Like Steve mentioned, love those days when the watts are purring and the HR is down. Today was more average — not great, but I wasn’t overly tired, either. Never pushed it — I like to consider it a challenging, below uncomfortable pace…

I’m learning I’m a tempo machine. Although I had some good sprints this year, my sprint is still ordinary, above average at best. And I’m not great at drilling it full-metal like Mike, rocking all over the TT bike in violent pumps. No, I’m at home in tempo pace. I can ride all day in this zone, and the data shows that. However, a violent sprint and a violent TT are two things I hope to acquire…

Tanita: 156.8 lbs.
Ride: 2h 22m
N Watts: 254
Avg Watts: 227
Max Watts: 696
HR: 149 bpm
Speed: 21.9 mph
Cadence: 102 rpms

P.S. Hey Greg Keller — write in block paragraphs! Love your entries, but they’re hard on the eyes!!!


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