The Good Cheat


Well, for the last week or so, I’ve eaten like a bum. Oh well. But it’s okay. If you don’t make micro-cheats every now and then, you’re setting yourself up for a huge macro-disaster! So, it’s good to reach for the sweets every now and then instead of finding yourself headfirst in the ice cream canister after seven months of eating like a monk, unable to stop!

Nothing bad. Just some cookies. Been eating out frequently as of late. Restaurant tourist. That damn Chinese food! Huge Christmas dinner (good boy on T-giving, bad boy on X-mas). Lotsa unnecessary calories. Blah. But the cookies are a killer. I live on a cul-de-sac, and the neighbors always trek over and leave some bangin’, bangin’ homemade Christmas cookies.

Those frickin’ neighbors…

So I’ve gained some weight. But I did this knowingly. A good cheat before the new year begins! Now I can re-focus and gear up for 07. It’s good. Like a clean slate. Micro-cheats as opposed to macro-catastrophes! Now I can take a deep breath and get back to work, 100% focused…

Weight isn’t that bad. Was cringing when I got on the scale this morning. 158. Okay. Damage Control can go away again. Did a light, 1.5h spin on the trainer, natural cadence, just turning the pedals.

As far as diet is going, I was and am on track. I try to eat a big breakfast, hit the roads, then wolf down a simple recovery meal. Then throughout the day I’m always snacking, small stuff. Granola bars (good ones — no high-fructose corn syrup — your body doesn’t know how to digest that (*censored*)(*censored*)(*censored*)(*censored*) and it usually is stored as FAT). Apple sauce. Lotsa water. Apples. I usually have one or two eggs (bananas are high-glycemic and should be avoided for daily snacks — during or post-ride only!).

When I get home from work, I try to eat a medium-sized dinner, usually pasta and some hard-boiled eggs (I know — I shoulda been a chef!), depending on the severity of the day’s workout (and the upcoming workout). I’ve noticed that eating lots of small meals (and doing these long rides) really boosts your metabolism. Horses and bears have same daily caloric intake. Bears eat twice. Horses ten! So I eat like a horse. It’s good. I never feel full, almost empty! A nice feeling…

That’s where I’m at. I never used to pay such attention to diet. Troy Kimball used to tell me he treats his body like a temple, severely watching what he eats. And to tell you, just eating smart (and following the GI) makes a huge difference in my energy and weight levels… Huge.

Hope everyone is enjoying the global warming. Hope we’re all not fried turnips by 2020. 🙂


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