Thursday is Longday


I met Mark Albert early in the morning to speak about the team. The meeting went well. I drove home immediately afterwards and inhaled multiple bowls of cereal (the cereal, not the bowls). The weather was in the low-50s. I put on arm and leg warmers and toe warmers, packed full-fingered gloves and a Hind headband, and off I went at around 12:30.

On the bike, however, the sun wasn’t so strong!!! I debated turning around at 2 miles in, getting more clothes and ****, but, being uber-hard-headed-dumb-ass-Swede, I didn’t.

I wanted to hit up Harriman again, but I also wanted to ride with John Raheb. John’s riding really well. He has a very, very mean sprint. I’ve been getting him to do these long rides, and his endurance is vastly improved. He did over 5 hours last week and looked great.

Last year, after the Nyack Ride, John and I rode to Ray Diaz’s house for lunch, and John was cooked, done, slow going home. But that John is gone. If he loses some of that bulky muscle and stays motivated, John will be a rider to watch in 2007.

So I doodled down 202, up Darlington, knifing my way across to Montvale, up to Piermont. We met on the road and rode steadily down 9W. Now it was blackly overcast and getting colder. John here was dressed like an eskimo (he always dresses like an eskimo 30 degrees 60 degrees eskimo for sure). We bombed down to River Road and climbed up the Alpine Boat Basin. Good climb. I’ve been climbing in bigger gears lately, keeping the HR down but muscling the stroke. Keep that ass in the saddle, KL!

We parted ways in Closter, and now I was beginning to get cold. 🙁 But I was okay. Physically, I felt great, fresher than last week. The data is almost the same, but the HR was down. When I reached my town, I wanted to do a loop up to Fayson Lakes, but my toes (stupid TOE WARMERS) were frozen, and my fingers were on their way.

I’ve been doing Endurance Rides regularly, and my weight is coming down. I guess I’m doing them right, burning fat. I get off the bike and jump into a huge recovery meal. Then, not too much later, I’m hungry again, empty almost. So I listen to my body and EAT! My metabolism is getting faster. I’m eating a lot, and the weight is going down. I hope no women read this.

Tanita: 154.8 pounds
Ride Time: 5h 15m
Norm Watts: 183
Distance: 84 miles

Avg. Watts: 146
Max Watts: 1117
HR: 121 bpm
Cadence: 85 rpms
Speed: 17.1 mph

Hope everyone was able to ride in today’s mild weather…


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