Wed 22 Nov 06


Fearing the rainy forecast tonight, I decided (again!) to not commute. On the TT bike, I rode local for two hours in the morning, steady tempo. I did a quiet 25-mile hilly loop, staying seated. I kept the cadence over 100 on the flats, in the 90s for the climbs, keeping effort moderate and trying to keep HR under 160 while climbing.

After the loop, I did flat 3-mile laps in my town, around and around and around. A little arduous mentally, but quality training. No stops. The power file was an absolute linear line. I liked that.

At this time of year, I like to use HR as a guideline and just let the power fall where it may. My sweet spot tempo is 155-160 HR, and I spent over 35 minutes in that zone.

The TT bike feels good, really good. After the season ended, I made several minor adjustments, and I feel much more comfortable on it (especially at speed). During the season, when on it, after 40 minutes I was all squirmy and yearned for my Ghisallo. But not now. Now we’re friends!

When looking at the Cycling Peaks file, I saw I spent 44 minutes at 22-24 mph. For this type of ride, that’s exactly where I want to be. When I got home, I felt very fresh, almost itching to ride more. I can fill that hunger as the months progress.

Tanita: 157.6 pounds.
Time: 1h49m
Distance: 41 miles
Power: 215 watts, 604 max.
HR: 147 bpm.
Cadence: 101 rpms.
Speed: 22.5 mph.


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