Birthdate: March 27, 1996

USAC category: Pro

Years racing: 10

Profession: MTB racer for Giant Northeast Off-Road Team & Elite Endurance MTB Academy Head Instructor

As the #1 professional MTB racer in New Jersey, Dillon Van Wart feels teaching people how to ride in the woods is his life’s calling.

“When I was growing up,” Dillon says, “people always took time to help me along, to understand how to ride, how to keep up with them. The trails around here, they are very gnarly, and having this family around me helped me ride with the group, from a young age, fully helping me fulfill my potential. And today I race mountain bikes professionally, achieving my dream.”

“With running MTB clinics, I can pass it forward. There is no limit.”

At 18, this kid gets it already.