“By creating efficient and strong basic movement patterns,” Sean Pasieka says, “athletes establish a solid foundation to build from – similar to learning addition and subtraction before moving onto Algebra.”

As the Director of Speedcenter, Sean focuses on developing athlete’s fundamental movements to compliment the athlete’s area of focus.

“I understand the benefits of fundamental training as a means to creating efficient athletes who succeed,” Sean says. “Being involved in youth sports and school athletics, I was exposed to various training methods through the years. My experience with elite-level soccer programs began to shape my purposeful training systems, dating to 1998. When I was playing collegiate soccer, I had the ‘a-HA’ moment – our off-season was structured with strength training that was supposed to help develop me as a soccer player. But these workouts didn’t make sense. I didn’t understand how exercises –isolating single muscle groups – could help.”

Before he became a coaching professional, a training system he designed had a huge impact on a collegiate program. During his college playing career, Sean spent the summers running members of the soccer team through workouts he created.

“We were in the ECAC, after failing to make the NCAA tourney,” Sean says. “The two conference bids went to two teams that were top-20 in the nation. And our conference was all about speed and explosive strength – and we were a sub. 500 team.”

Sean, and the teammates he trained, grew from that sub .500 team who lacked strength to a team that stormed to the ECAC conference finals inside two years.

Sean’s athletic transition to endurance sports began with cycling. After hip surgery in 2006, he slowly began to ride road bikes as a way to get back into shape.

In the spring of 2009, Sean contacted Kenneth Lundgren of Elite Endurance Training Systems and together they worked to get Sean into shape to start racing. “This partnership helped me achieve personal fitness goals that I hadn’t seen since my college soccer days, which fueled me further,” Sean says. “I lost nearly 70 pounds becoming a cyclist and I got to a point where I just wanted to keep improving.”

In 2011, Sean’s “a-HA” with soccer epiphanied with the bike, and he began thinking about how he could supplement his training with fundamental movement training.

“Minimal equipment, your body, and a desire to get better is all you need,” Sean says.

The results were near-instant – yearning to succeed in cyclocross, they developed a plan that helped Sean break plateaus and achieve wide success.

Sean Pasieka placed 2nd overall in the 2013 MAC Series and was 2nd in the NJ State Cyclocross Championships. He was a completely different athlete with completely different potential.

Sean holds a B.S in Exercise Science and Physical Education (2004); he has an M.A. in Exercise Science and Physical Education (2010).

Sean has been teaching Physical Education for over a decade, which has allowed him to hone his system in creating individual success for his students. With Speedcenter, Sean says, “Developing meaningful training to elevate athletes to prominent success is the foundation to greatness.”

Coach Sean Pasieka is an American Council on Exercise (ACE) Functional Training Specialist, Sports Conditioning Specialist and a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. He can be reached at Speedcenter@EliteEndurance.com or 862.377.1534.