Nick and Sammy Collegiate Nats Podium

Elite Endurance designed it’s own proprietary system for analyzing & storing athlete data and creating training plans. We call it our “Cloud.”

When an athlete signs on for coaching with EE, we create a profile for them which will contain all the information necessary for training — their prescribed workouts and the data recorded from them, race data, lifestyle & diet notes, personal history, and short-term & long-term goals. Using this system, we are able to write a constantly evolving training program, tailored to each individual athlete, and carefully monitor and track athlete performance. Fully customized training combined with in-depth workout analysis allows us to adjust training as often as necessary to give our athletes the most beneficial work as they progress, always intelligently moving training in the right direction to reach personal goals.

We do not take a one-size-fits-all template and make the athlete conform to it, but rather use a training system that caters to specific goals and will evolve with each individual’s needs. As you progress as an athlete, your training program progresses with you. We don’t use Trainingpeaks, we don’t use pre-written templates.

As you continue to work with us, we are able to compare years of data at a glance with our tracking tools. At the touch of a button, we can see how your current numbers on a specific workout compare to how you’ve performed in the past, chart how your functional threshold has improved over time, and track your overall growth from year to year. It all becomes part of your unique profile, used by our coaches to generate perfect training stress, precisely tailored for you, every single week.

This system has helped to realize countless podiums, state champions, national champions, Kona and Ironman finishers, pro-level racers in all cycling disciplines, and most importantly: happy and successful bike riders, triathletes, and endurance athletes across all levels of sport, across the globe. We are deeply honored to be a part of these hopes and dreams, and that makes our athlete’s successes just as poignant for us as it is for them.

At Elite Endurance we have always believed in superior personalized training that is affordable & accessible to everyone, not just to those with large amounts of expendable income. Our model allows us to provide the best coaching possible to athletes on all budgets, always fully customized, from our most basic to our highest levels of coaching. We work hard to do things differently and we’re proud of that.

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