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Success in MTB racing is not just generating power or aiming for higher speed – success is understanding your personal threshold to generate maximal velocity through a specific course, a skill you need to practice.

Riding at MTB Race Speed is a skill that must be practiced and perfected.

Head coach Kenneth Lundgren of Elite Endurance Training Systems is the most dominant time trialist in region history. In his final year of racing, he concentrated on racing in the woods and won six Cat-1 MTB races. He is a licensed professional and leads the Elite Endurance MTB Academy.

Retired from racing in 2014, Lundgren now concentrates on leading MTB workshops throughout the season, providing athletes the secrets to his racing success.

MTB workshops are scheduled for every Wednesday night through July 1st @ Jungle Habitat – GPS address is Airport Road, West Milford, NJ. The workshop is designed for advanced beginner-intermediate+ and experienced riders. Ride time is ‘til dark.

The MTB Workshop will begin with a climb up the Chute trail as an appetizer, and then a full reconnaissance warm-up lap of the flowy training loop. The first weeks will concentrate on mastering cornering technique and full race-line analysis of the terrain. The next laps are devoted to finding flow, understanding optimal pacing, and developing a MTB racer’s mindset. Final laps will include tempo and race-speed sections on-course.

Post-bike, Lundgren breaks down full race-day preparation for optimal performance, from Wake-Up to Start Time, and concludes the workshop with an open Q&A session.

MTB workshops prices vary. Elite Endurance athletes gain free admission.

Disclaimer: Elite Endurance Training Systems, Inc is not responsible for personal safety. You ride at your own risk; operate your bike in a safe manner and be cognizant and aware of others. You are 100% responsible for your own safety. 

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