Your foundation is the difference between failure and success.

Movement is human nature, something that is instilled in us from birth. However, functional and efficient movement is often lost throughout the years as our bodies deal with life stresses and compensate for inefficiencies.

At Speedcenter, we breed primal strength through primal movements – athletes learn to move efficiently, creating a deep base for increased potential and consistent success.

Through the superior prescription of effective exercise, athletes re-learn basic movement, re-learning how to use their muscles to generate desired movement – with more force, with more velocity. Through these techniques, athletes create the solid foundation necessary to improve in their desired discipline.

To lift weights or not to lifts weights – for endurance athletes, this is the debate. For Elite Endurance athletes, there is zero debate.

Welcome to Speedcenter.


Speedcenter Coaching

Speedcenter is custom strength & conditioning programming designed for any type of athlete – 100% generated to sync with your personal training schedule.

Speedcenter workouts are created every week by Sean Pasieka, whose aptitude for functional strength & movement training is unmatched.

Speedcenter protocol is a vital part of any training system. Please contact Sean Pasieka at Speedcenter@EliteEndurance.com for more information.


Speedcenter private sessions with Sean Pasieka

Take your workout to the next level. A fun environment where the only option is to succeed. Sean performs Speedcenter one-on-one and group sessions based on individual circumstances. All sessions are 1 hour.

Athlete Screening
The results of this screening helps drive an appropriate program for the athlete.

Athlete Screening | $90

Private Sessions
1 on 1 session provides the most detailed and highest level of attention. The entire session is geared towards your needs and goals.

Private Sessions | $60

Semi-Private (2-3 athletes)
Two athletes working together providing each other with motivation to succeed.

Semi-Private | $40/person

Small Group Training (4-6 athletes)
A small group setting where athletes are working side by side. The group setting serves as a platform for fun and motivation.

Small Group Training | $30/person

*Discounts available on pre-purchased session bundles. Please contact us to find out more.

The Speedcenter Hotline

“These are my hobbies, these are my sports, these are my interests, these are my friends, these are my athletes,” Sean says – the Speedcenter Hotline is access to Sean Pasieka, whose lifestyle is centered around being a successful functional strength & movement coach.

Through his career as both an athlete and coaching professional, he’s earned an accurate assessment on how to build successful strength and movement programs for athletes of all types. Sean knows how to build a training system that will sync with what you want.

Sean is a rolodex vessel of knowledge and is available for gospel advice on exercise form, performance diet, training programs, and fitness goals. You will have access to his exclusive collection of favorite articles, training links, and workout videos, as well the the Speedcenter Hotline monthly newsletter.

You have questions. Sean has the answer with real perspective.


Bike Lab Fitting Sessions
  • Kenneth Lundgren and Sean Pasieka are certified Bike-Lab specialists and produce biomechanically-precise bike fits for endurance athletes of all types.
  • Bike Lab sessions are typically 2-3 hours in length.
  • Road-bike and cyclocross fits are $150.
  • TT and triathlon fits are $175; Kenneth Lundgren and Sean Pasieka may work together to produce the perfect position.
  • MTB fittings are complimentary with any fitting session.
  • Elite Endurance Training Systems chooses FSA bars, Specialized saddles, and Lemond shims, offering all parts at cost.

Road or Cyclocross – $150 | TT – $175

  • full analysis of the extensive BioTest Questionnaire.
  • in-house Bike Lab pro-fit from the region’s premier bike-fit specialist.
  • in-house Bike Lab BioTest conducted by Speedcenter’s Sean Pasieka, tests designed for you, for your goals. Test data analyzed by Pasieka, Kenneth Lundgren, Laura Slavin, and other Elite Endurance staff when necessary.
  • full BioTest Lab Results, which describes your power curve, predicts your fitness, and points you towards realistic goals.
  • 2nd BioTest, performed remotely and mid-way to goal event – Lab Results PROGRESS REPORT included, describing progress and what needs to be addressed in training in order to achieve peak fitness for goal event.

Full BioTesting is $400