Watts Up?!

Why Being a Wholistic Athlete is the Key to the Candy Shop

I see a lot people at the local and collegiate level work their butts off in training. The results improve for a while, but then they start to plateau. It seems like everyone else is on a completely different level than them and someone hid …read more >

We’re Going Up

It’s no secret that in an XC race, the most time is made up on the uphill sections. So what happens when the climbs start to get nasty? Steep, loose, rooty, and rocky climbs can be the bane of a mountain biker’s existence. But it …read more >

You Are What You Eat

There are a lot of things that happen in the sport of cycling and in life that you can’t control. I did not choose to flat out of 3 very important races this season. And I certainly did not choose to get a concussion and …read more >


If you are new to the world of Professional Mountain Biking, the USA’s domestic professional series is the Pro XCT series. It is split into two halves. From March until June, the races are on the west coast with California rounds close together and the …read more >

You Win Some, You Lose Some

This season was the hands down, the most successful season that I have had so far. I was riding with a raw speed that I had never had before. I chalk that up to a good amount of bike handling skills, the best xc race …read more >

Full Speed Ahead!!!!!

“They say that if you don’t get out of your head, you can attack yourself right out of the race before it even starts.” Nick Lando reflects on his his race at the 2017 Bear Brook Classic.

Turning over the Motor

Few things are worse than being sick right before the kickoff of a race season. Racing road bikes in the rain was probably not the smartest idea I have ever had. It had left me off the bike with a fever for several days. With a week and a half until the first Kenda Cup on my race schedule, that was one of the last things that I needed to happen.

Yin and Yang: The Good with the Bad

Approximately one year ago, I started working with Ken Lundgren. He has played a huge role in my physical conditioning, diet, and most importantly mental approach. He would always tell me that a good race your first race of the year was a bad omen. …read more >