The Elite Endurance TOUR is a series of nine group rides that span the first three weeks of July; this epic event is free, awesome, and open to all interested riders.

The best rider wins, so come out and find out.

The TOUR is a fun, friendly competition for yellow jersey, green jersey, polka-dot jersey, and Femme jersey. The rides are Tuesday and Wednesday at 6pm and Saturday mornings at 8am. Weekday rides depart from EE campus; Saturday rides depart from Bicycle Tech.

In the TOUR’s inaugural year in 2015, Scott Sugent won the yellow jersey. Chris Santalucia won the green jersey. David Schwartz won the KOM jersey. Jennifer DeFalco won the Tour de Femme red jersey. For full stage recaps and results, please visit the Newsreel Archive.

Post-ride at the Elite Endurance campus, points are updated for GC, sprint, climbing, and Femme competitions, and Coach Kenneth Lundgren conducts interviews for the magazine post. The yellow, green, polka-dot, and red leader’s jerseys are awarded at the bonfire podium presentation at the Elite Endurance campus.

Elite Endurance TOUR rides are spirited group rides, 90 minutes for Tue/Wed and 2.5h for Saturday. Lundgren leads every ride, moderating a steady tempo+ pace. The riders regroup briefly after every sprint/KOM effort. You are expected to ride at the group’s pace. If you get a flat, the group will wait. If you get dropped, you are dropped.

You must be with the main group as they enter each points section. Each section has a start line and finishing line. Top-5 finishers are awarded points. Lundgren rolls up from behind and records all points earned on the road instantly after each section, maintaining on-road accuracy.

The Elite Endurance TOUR will also be streamed live on Strava Premium.

The Tuesday rides will have 2 sprint sections and a finishing section. The Wednesday rides will include one KOM, one sprint, and one finishing section. The Saturday rides are the EE Fast Fifty route, with a surprise finish for each day — the Welcome to Wayne KOM on Breakneck Road will be decisive in both the polka-dot and yellow jersey competitions.

Stage 1 is this Tuesday, June 21st – a fast, rolling course with two Sprints, then the epic Kinnelon HS finish line. The first sprint is an uphill sprint to Clover Lane off 202. The second sprint in Mountain Lakes roars down a fast, wide downhill on the Boulevard. The classic finishing section is from Kincaid Woods to Kinnelon HS.

All points are applied to each category; sprint and KOM points are added to overall GC. Finishing-section points are applied only to overall GC. You also receive 5 GC points for every ride you participate in.

Sprints points are as follows:        1st 10, 2nd 8, 3rd 6, 4th 4, 5th 2

KOM points:                                             1st 15, 2nd 10, 3rd 9, 4th 7, 5th 4

Stage finishes:                                         1st 20, 2nd 15, 3rd 10, 4th 7, 5th 5

To ride in the TOUR, please contact; riders can join the TOUR competition at any time during the Tour. Full route details for the first week of the TOUR will be posted on by Friday, high noon. Competitors can ride in as many or as little stages as they want.

Stage dates for 2016 are: week one 6/21, 6/22, 6/25, 6/28, 6/29, 7/2, 7/5, 7/6, & 7/9.

Weekday rides meet 6pm, wheels down 6:15pm. Saturday rides meet at Bicycle Tech, Lincoln Park NJ, wheels down 8am.

All riders must sign a waiver before taking part in any Elite Endurance TOUR rides.

Post-ride at the campus amongst drink and bonfire, interviews and leader’s jersey presentations are conducted — who is going to win the leader’s jerseys this year? We all will find out.

Last year, more than 40 cyclists earned points in the EE TOUR GC.

Come check out the summer’s most exciting cycling event in North Jersey, the Elite Endurance TOUR.

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Book your calendars, 9/30/17: Elite Endurance presents, the objective is to produce the best fondo event experience in the region. Details to come.