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DietRx | Testimonial

“What I eat is likely the single biggest thing holding me back from reaching my goals on the bike – and interestingly enough in life too. When I raced in college in the late ‘80’s/early 90’s, I was 175 – 185 lbs. Man, was I …read more >

DietRx Newsletter | August 2015

With the summer winding down, things can get hectic. In August, we focus on quick & easy ways to stay on track. Easy Baked Stuffed Chicken -Two chicken breasts, butterflied -Sliced tomatoes -Fresh spinach -Sliced cheese of your choice Lay chicken flat and layer tomatoes, …read more >

Glycemic Index and Performance

Europeans, especially Italians, eat what’s called “slow food.” Italians eat more than Americans, indulging in delicious foods — ice cream included — while maintaining steady energy and remaining thinner. Succinctly, they eat more than us, enjoy their food more, and are in better shape. The …read more >

Benefits of Lifting and Proper Diet

Even if you are terribly gifted, and other than developing the obvious – increased power – I would like to point out a few reasons why lifting weights could benefit you as an athlete and perhaps take you to the next level. First off, lifting …read more >

Racing Nutrition & On-The-Bike Fueling

While training hard or racing, a rider will burn through his glycogen stores within 60 minutes, plus lose plenty of fluids. So pack the bars and bottles when you head out. As you sweat through a hard workout or race, you must constantly replace the …read more >

Winter Weight Gain & How to Avoid it

Many of the athletes with whom I work have been asking me about diet, how to lose weight, etc… Most riders, if not all, gain weight during the winter, and it’s only natural… Like everything in this sport, you need to carefully dose your diet. …read more >

Diary of a Diet

One of the athletes with whom I work, Evan Cooper, really takes to the diet advice I have given and has followed it to a T. He is currently in college and was a strong Cat-3 last year, consistently finishing top-15. This winter, he’s worked …read more >

Caffeine Rant

Just last week at the Nyack café post-ride, some new guy I coach got coffee, and then Gavi (my friend) said, “Don’t let Kenny see you drinking that.” And then the guy asked me why coffee was so bad… And so I started in, went …read more >