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Throughout the year, Elite Endurance leads Academy group rides & workshops. 

All riders are welcome to join any Academy ride or event; upcoming rides & events are clearly described as the dates approach.

Event Calendar updates are posted immediately to homepage. Please check for continual updates.

In winter, Coach Kenneth Lundgren leads brisk Saturday Allaire MTB rides at Allaire State Forest.

In the spring, Coach Lundgren teaches TT Workshops and the MTB Academy leads Jungle Habitat MTB Workshop rides.

As spring moves forward and race season approaches, Coach Lundgren progresses the mid-week ride and moves the venue to Lewis Morris for MTB Tempo Race Loops, hard training sessions in the woods.

Once the temps are nice and the sun stays out, Coach Lundgren leads the notorious Fast Fifty and Paceline Practice rides. The Fast Fifty is a rolling, 50-mile route with a KOM and two sprint points; the 2.5h ride design is awesome preparation for road competition. Paceline Practice is another hard group training session, this route on a flat TT loop. Both rides leave from the Elite Endurance campus in Riverdale NJ.

The Elite Endurance TOUR is the first three weeks of July 2016. All rides depart from EE campus.

Wednesday Worlds begins every year, the first Wednesday of August at Holster Park, wheels down 5:45.



The Fast Fifty | turn-by-turn route directions:

R out of Elite Endurance headquarters – .1mi
R Hamburg Turnpike – .3mi
L 511 – 1.7mi
R Main Street – 2.6mi
L Colfax – 2.63mi
R West Oakland Avenue – 5.3mi
L 202N.
202N to end – 13.9mi
R 202 – 14.6mi
R Wilder – 20.00mi
Take Wilder to END – 26.3mi
R Saddle River Road – 30.3mi
R Linwood Avenue – 34.4mi
L Oak – 35.8mi
R Godwin – 36.0mi
L Franklin – 39.7mi
L 202 – 44.1
R Terhune – 45.5
R Hamburg Turnpike – 48.0mi
L Mathews Avenue – 50.0mi

Once the ride is up to speed, we have a KOM up Wilder Climb (@21mi) with a full regroup, then a bunch sprint over Rte 17 overpass (@34mi), and then our power climb finish at Pompton Falls (@47mi). The raw training stress is highly beneficial.

What You Can Expect: We want a fun, safe, challenging ride. Many group rides turn into all-out races – red lights are run, riders scream at each other, riders half-wheel each other – these rides are stressful and dangerous. With this ride, we are all friends – the strong riders pull and are aggressive, the weaker riders sit in. Everyone benefits from this healthy dynamic. This ride will address the basic skills and efforts required in road riding and racing: pacelining, climbing, cornering, and sprinting. NOTE: this ride is a Drop Ride, meaning you are expected to maintain the group pace.

Disclaimer: Elite Endurance Training Systems, Inc is not responsible for personal safety. You ride at your own risk; operate your bike in a safe manner and be cognizant and aware of others. You are 100% responsible for your own safety.