Kenneth Lundgren's Diary


Coach Lundgren’s unique perspective on training, racing, and setting the bar higher in all facets of life. The pursuit for improvement is relentless.

3rd Degree Berms

Laura Slavin

In less than two years, Laura Slavin has gone from Cat 3 beginner to UCI Elite in XC mountain bike racing. The ongoing chronicles of this adventure can be found here.

In The Pits

Sean Pasieka

In the Pits - where the work gets dirty. Commit yourself to the nitty gritty work no one enjoys and you’ll reap the rewards.

Kristine Contento-Angell

I am a pro MTBer. I am a mom. I have a job. It's not easy to balance life. I'll share the fragments of reality that make my life work.

Dillon Van Wart

Dillon can ride the heck out of a bike... just not on Thursdays.