David Chomowicz


Height: 5’9″

December Weight:145

Race Weight:140

Birthdate: March 16, 1956

Childhood Heroes: My dad

Hobbies and Interests: Photography, cooking, and surfing

Favorite Movies: Cool Hand Luke, The Godfather, Vertigo, The Bicycle Thief, Bullitt, The Seven Samurai, Blade Runner, A Clockwork Orange, Some Like it Hot, On the Waterfront, Blazing Saddles, Lawrence of Arabia

Musical Tastes: Classical in the morning, Reggae the afternoon, rock and roll at night.

Favorite TV Shows: Deadwood, Ray Donovan, and PBS Nature

Favorite Meal: Truffle gnocchi and a nice Brunello

Favorite Breakfast Cereal: Steel cut oatmeal and berries

Favorite Pre-Race Meal: Black coffee and a banana pancake

Childhood Dream: Architect or entomologist

First Car: ’72 BMW 2002

First Job: Washing dishes at the mob run restaurant in town

Favorite Vacation Spot: Indonesia

Pre-Race Feeling: Nerves + false sense of security

Early Racing Memory: First MTB win at Mahlon Dickinson Park in the 80s

Funny Racing Memory: Any of the many road trips to WV to compete in Granny Gear Productions 24 Hr MTB Race.

Greatest Racing Moment: 2015 Dirty Kanza 200 –  the muddy one with 65% def rate. Broken rear derailed at mile 20 converted to single speed. Broken finger mile 60 zip tie triage. Broken, spoke, snapped rear brake cable, multiple flats, gps battery died before sunset, front head light battery died two hrs past sunset. Rolled in around 2am finish time somewhere around 18 hrs. Never a more satisfying finish in my first defacto single speed race.

Worst Injury from Racing: Floyd Bennet Field Race crash

Closest Racing Friends: The old mtb crew, past and current teammates.

Favorite Race: Dirty Kanza 200


2nd Pl GFNY: Gran Fondo NY World Championship 60+
5th Pl Dirty Kanza 200 60+. Also beating the sun award.
3rd Pl High Cascades 100.  Masters
18th Pl UCI Masters World Championship
2nd Pl CRCA Bear Mountian Classic Masters 60+ 1,2,3
12th Pl Velomag RAID 80K Open/Pro
2nd Pl. Bubblecross. 60 + 1,2,3

3rd Pl High Cascades 100 Masters
2nd Pl New York State Road Racing Championship 60+
5th Pl GFNY World Championship 60+
5th Pl Dirty Kanza 200 60+
3rd Pl H2H High Point / Marathon / Masters
4th Pl H2H Stewart / Marathon / Masters
2nd Pl Whirlybird ‘Cross (MAC #2)
2nd Pl Annual Nittany Lion Cross/MAC SERIES Race #3+ #4, UCI
2nd Pl Hippo Cross 4.0 (NJCX Cup Race #4)
3rd Pl TMB Racing’s Apple Cross

1st Pl Wilmington/Whiteface mtb Leadville qualifier
1st Pl High Cascades 100 Masters
4th Pl Tour of Battenkill 40+
2nd Pl Dirty Kanza 200 60+
4th Pl GFNY World Championship 60+
3rd Pl Elm City CX, CT State Championship
5th Pl Bear Mountain Classic 50+

David Chomowicz