Laura Slavin


December Weight:“101lbs”

Race Weight: “105lbs. I have to drink about 3 protein shakes a day to bump my weight for racing. Cycling anomaly.”

Birthdate: “July 29th. The stereotypical Leo description summarizes me well.”

Childhood Heroes:“I never really had any heroes as a kid…”

Hobbies and Interests:“We all know that there’s no hobbies or interests outside of bike riding.”

Favorite Movies: “Fight Club, Idiocracy, Out of Sight… I like to laugh so nothing really dramatic… I also have an embarrassing thing for Films based on Brit Lit. ”

Musical Tastes: “Dubstep to Trap to folk to indie to metal to gangsta rap… I’m down with pretty much anything but country… and even sometimes country, if you can figure out how to get me to drink more than one beer.”

Favorite TV Shows: BRITISH TOP GEAR!!! Have been on an Anthony Bourdain kick lately…”

Favorite Meal: “Ramen, but like, real ramen.”

Favorite Breakfast Cereal: “Protein shake LOL.”

Favorite Pre-Race Meal: “I don’t really like to eat before races. Typically force down an  PROBAR. And Redbulls!!!! Pre-race listening to dubstep LOUD and SMASHING REDBULLS. On your forehead becuase metal.”

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: “Black Raspberry! I don’t really eat much ice cream though. Asthma + ice cream = boogers.”

Childhood Dream: “I wanted to be Indiana Jones. I still kinda do. Sometimes I play the music in my head while I’m doing things.”

First Car: “1991 Chevy Cavalier….teal and 90’s AF.”

First Job: “I did web design and coding for a family friend’s company when I was like 15 or 16. I was a counter-culture wanna-be h4x0r before the internet was a thing.”

Favorite Vacation Spot: “I’m still trying to find it. Lots of work so far, not a lot of vacation. I enjoy wintering in FL, but it’s hardly vacation!”

Pre-Race Feeling: “Either bizarrely calm or about to **** myself. There is no in between.”

Early Racing Memory: “I remember being too timid to pass anyone, the minute I ran into whoever was in front of me, I’d just kind of sit behind them feeling awkward and heavy breathing…”

Funny Racing Memory: “Cat 3: got the hole shot at Windham in my second race ever, I was SO excited… and then, since I didn’t know how to actually ride a mountain bike yet, the moment we went into the singletrack I just kind of fell over on the first root and got passed by the entire field.”

Greatest Racing Moment: “I haven’t had it yet, it’s coming…”

Most Painful Moment In Life: “I’ve had a few. I’d rather talk about the happy ones. Dwelling isn’t productive.”

Worst Injury from Racing: “Broke my knee. The video of the doctor draining the blood out of it with very big needle went mildly viral for a hot minute.”

Closest Racing Friends: “There are no friends in bike racing. LOL. There are friends before and friends after…”

Favorite Race: “Sea Otter, because it’s not a race.”

Embarrassing Racing Memory: “The first time I ever made it into a video recap, I was pictured falling on the smallest, dumbest log-over you’ve ever seen. I actually went to my dad’s house and cried when I saw it.”

Toughest Competitors: “I dunno. They all seem tough. If the competition is easy, you’re either cheating or sand-bagging. So stop that immediately.”

Favorite Athletes to Watch: “Russell Westbrook, Isaiah Thomas, Lebron… for bikes: Nicholi Rogatkin on slopestyle, Jay Dalton bmx, Veronique Sandler for style.”

Qualities You Most Admire in People: “Sincerity and accountability.”

What You Love Most About Riding Your Bicycle: “The massive quantities of feel good chemicals that flood my brain. It’s all just chemistry, bruh.”