Nicholas David

Height: 6’0”

December Weight: 165 lbs.

Race Weight: “Shooting for 155 for 2011.”

Birthdate: June 5th, 1980

Childhood Heroes: “Bruce Lee.”

Hobbies and Interests: “Surfing, traveling, wine, beer, reading, and the occasional cigar.”

Favorite Movies: “Point Break.”

Musical Tastes: “99% of the time, I listen to country music, but I love all types.”

Favorite TV Shows: “Scrubs, The Office… and Jersey Shore – it’s a Jersey thing.”

Favorite Meal: “Cuban, Mexican, or Sushi.”

Favorite Breakfast Cereal: “Anything that’s 99% chocolate.”

Favorite Pre-Race Meal: “Espresso, banana, oatmeal, eggs.”

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: “Chocolate. Every time.”

Childhood Dream: “Really, I can’t recall.”

First Car: “Dodge conversion van, pimped out with a bed, TV, stereo system, neon lights. Looking back, I realize how ridiculous that was.”

First Job: “I worked at the NJ Rock Gym as a rock-climbing instructor. I must have been 15.”

Favorite Vacation Spot: “Baja, Mexico.”

Pre-Race Feeling: “Always nervous. I must go to the bathroom about ten times before a race.”

Early Racing Memory: “Showing up to my first race and trying out the Route 29 35k TT. I had no clue what I was in for and didn’t train at all. I was so tired that I had my wife drive me home.”

Funny Racing Memory: “The start of the 2010 season at Branch Brook. I was training hard all winter and showed up for the first training race. The whistle blew and I literally sprinted off the line. I heard guys in the back say, ‘Oh, What the fuck – already?!’”

Greatest Racing Moment: “Winning the Rockleigh Crit. I worked my ass off all race and coming into the final lap, I was pushed off course and into the curb. I literally went from 5th position, to dead last. I was really pissed off and worked my way to the front, getting into perfect position and winning the always-fast sprint at Rockleigh.”

Most Painful Moment In Life: “Hearing the unexpected news of my Uncle Bob. We were extremely close. He passed away from cancer which spread so rapidly, he died in a matter of weeks.”

Worst Injury from Racing: “No crashes to date, but I had major knee pain from the start of Battenkill. Warming up, I didn’t even think I would be able to start. After that, I battled knee pain for weeks. Took me many saddle movements to eliminate the pain. To date, I don’t know what caused it.”

Closest Racing Friends: “My teammates, Mark, Rob, Mike and of course you, Kenny.”

Funniest Racer: “Matt Goldsmith. Matt always looks uncomfortable in his own skin, but he’s the nicest kid around. Just a great dude, who keeps me laughing.”

Favorite Race: “Battenkill. I love going up to NY/VT and spending time in the country.”

Embarrassing Racing Memory: “The Rutgers Watermelon Crit. Completely out of shape and barely crossed the finish line. I felt pathetic.”

Toughest Competitors: “No single person in particular. Each race brings a new type of competition. Every race is rough.”

Favorite Athletes to Watch: “Professional sports is filled with cheating, drugs and bullshit. I enjoy watching kids play sports. They’re out there for 100% fun and that’s how it should be.”

Qualities You Most Admire in People: “Honesty and trust.”

What You Love Most About Riding Your Bicycle: “Being able to spend hours without thinking about a single thing. On a nice long ride, I can literally blank out for 5 hours straight. I also love spending the time with my friends. Whether we’re riding hard as hell, or cruising and laughing. Cycling is my absolute passion in life.”