Cyclocross Program

Cyclocross is the singular focus for many athletes – and Elite Endurance offers a cyclocross program that builds all year for maximum success in the autumn.

And talk is cheap – Elite Endurance has coached many athletes to National Championships, overall Series Championships, State Cyclocross Championships – relentless results.

Cyclocross page - sub image“My best season,” Sean Pasieka says, “I came off the road season flying and went into the ‘cross season flying – I was able to hold this dragon form through the entire ‘cross season. The feeling was incredible. I won races, I was 2nd at the State Championships, I was 2nd overall in the MAC Series overall, I helped a teammate win a few late-season races – I had the perfect dream season.”

This perfect dream season is a reality for all riders – cyclocross is an autumn and winter sport, and Coach Pasieka understands that the demands of peak cyclocross performance must be addressed year-round.

Coach Pasieka creates a complete cyclocross program, both on and off the bike. Working with Kenneth Lundgren to generate velocity profiles and weekly schedules on the bike, Sean fully enhances the training stress by blending personal off-the-bike speed and agility sessions into the program. Speedcenter cyclocross workouts are based on the athlete’s strengths and weaknesses, on goals and objectives, workouts proven to increase athlete leg strength, to deepen the athlete’s power curve, to improve recovery, endurance, aerobic capacity, aerobic efficiency, rate-to-fatigue, and injury-prevention – all attributes that can make an average ‘cross racer GOOD, a good one GREAT – and a great one LEGENDARY.

Coach Pasieka helps direct the weekly Wednesday Worlds cyclocross practices and is a wealth of cyclocross information, performing cyclocross bike-fits, providing personal race strategies, offering secret fueling tips for racing performance, advising how best to warm-up and warm-down on race day, how to pre-ride like a professional, how to choose the best tires for every condition.

You need gladiator strength for cyclocross, and this cyclocross program gives you unmatched cyclocross strength and movement. Sean is the region’s premier cyclocross coach and offers an exclusive program for singular success in the violent art that is cyclocross.

Cyclocross Program LEVEL 1
  • Schedules are created each week by Sean Pasieka and Kenneth Lundgren.
  • Speedcenter protocol for off-bike training.
  • Sean Pasieka reviews data daily with detailed Pulseline analysis; feedback is daily when needed.
  • Includes monthly consultations with DietRx, proprietary Elite Endurance dialogue with our expert in-house diet & nutritional counselor.
  • If local, 1 monthly skills training ride with Sean Pasieka – locations TBD
  • 2 monthly race strategy consultations through email, video conferencing, or phone call.
  • Pre-season consultation in August via video conferencing.
  • VIP discounts to Elite Endurance Touring Training Camps and other events.


Cyclocross Program LEVEL 2
  • Schedules are created each week by Sean Pasieka
  • Speedcenter protocol for off-bike training.
  • Data review and workout-file analysis is performed daily.
  • Detailed feedback and updates are provided as needed.
  • 1 race strategy consultations through email, video conferencing, or phone call.


Cyclocross Program LEVEL 3
  • Schedules are prescribed each week by Sean Pasieka.
  • Speedcenter protocol for off-bike training.
  • Email-review and data analysis is weekly.


Race Day Coaching & Race Weekend Support

The “Pro” experience – when you sign up for the big race, for your “A” event, enlist the help of the premier cyclocross coaching professionals to lead and maximize your experience. This level of support allows you to focus on the important thing, racing, while we take care of the rest. This cyclocross support is provided by coach Pasieka, Bryan Carbone, or Kenneth Lundgren.

  • Pre-ride with coach
  • Warm-up specifics led by coach
  • Race strategy consultation
  • Equipment consultation (pre-event and during)
  • A Pit man during the race

Please inquire about rates.

Video Skills Analysis

Maximize your training by training the right way. What may “feel” correct to you, may actually be costing you time. Allow our expert coaches to breakdown your skills execution via video. Our coaching staff will analyze your skills and provide you with a detailed breakdown of your performance and modifications to technique that will enhance your potential.


  • full analysis of the extensive BioTest Questionnaire.
  • in-house Bike Lab pro-fit from the region’s premier bike-fit specialist.
  • in-house Bike Lab BioTest conducted by Speedcenter’s Sean Pasieka, tests designed for you, for your goals. Test data analyzed by Pasieka, Kenneth Lundgren, Laura Slavin, and other Elite Endurance staff when necessary.
  • full BioTest Lab Results, which describes your power curve, predicts your fitness, and points you towards realistic goals.
  • 2nd BioTest, performed remotely and mid-way to goal event – Lab Results PROGRESS REPORT included, describing progress and what needs to be addressed in training in order to achieve peak fitness for goal event.

Full BioTesting is $400

Bike Lab Fitting Sessions
  • Kenneth Lundgren and Sean Pasieka are certified Bike-Lab specialists and produce biomechanically-precise bike fits for endurance athletes of all types.
  • Bike Lab sessions are typically 2-3 hours in length.
  • Road-bike and cyclocross fits are $150.
  • TT and triathlon fits are $175; Kenneth Lundgren and Sean Pasieka may work together to produce the perfect position.
  • MTB fittings are complimentary with any fitting session.
  • Elite Endurance Training Systems chooses FSA bars, Specialized saddles, and Lemond shims, offering all parts at cost.

Road or Cyclocross – $150 | TT – $175