9th Giro di Jersey GC


Well, I survived. Sunday was a very fast race, two climbs bookending the 2-mile loop. I felt terrible in the beginning of the race as the pace was very high. I had about 7 numbers written down on my stem, then saw #51 from MetLife (Charlie McCarthy) move up during the prime lap. I had to mark him. We rocketed through the field, and I have to admit I was toast going up that second climb. I saw him get near the front (damnit!!!) and go for the sprint… I asked him afterwards if he got any time, and he said no. Relief!!!

I was packfeed most of the race. When it got super fast in final third, I actually started feeling better and was able to move up. Last couple of laps I stayed in top-25-ish, and then tried to maintain position going into final lap. A few guys stayed off the front but I put enough time into them in the TT to keep my GC position. Relief!!!!

9th overall. Not too shabby. Lotsa super fast guys in that field. It just goes to show you that when you make goals, stick to them. Don’t start changing plans mid-stream. The goal this year was to do well in TTs. So that’s what I’ve been doing. Goal was to rip the Giro TT. I did okay and got the big time gaps.

If I had started thinking, You know what? I need to climb more… This would’ve hurt my TT prowess. Sure, I might’ve been able to climb better, but I wouldn’t have won any sprint bonuses. I probably would’ve TTed a 20th place, then on final day that breakaway would’ve bumped me to 30th.

You set your training goals, you stick to them. I suffered dearly on Day Two and Day Three but not to the point where I cracked or was dropped.

All that matters in the end is where you stand on that leaderboard, and I’m happy to see my training plans (to hit that TT HARD and just survive the remainder) work out in the Pro/1/2 race.

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