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I recently did an interview with world middleweight champion Kelly Pavlik, just a beast in the ring. I am also gearing up to do a book with him in the fall, so I’m stoked. I can empathize with this fighter, as he’s a skinny, tall, quiet guy from a small town, the same age, someone who stuck to something he loved and really made something of himself. He wasn’t blessed with freaky talent — he’s just worked very hard and become a monster.

I was heavily into boxing when I was younger, had all the equipment, going to the gym, but it wasn’t for me. Getting hit in the face hurts! (having Duva’s in Paterson, one of the region’s toughest gyms, didn’t help!) When I stopped is around the time Kelly Pavlik started, and I think it’s interesting in that time he’s made himself into a world champion.

My interview made the headline story at Boxing Insider. Here is the link:…-kelly-pavlik/

If you have some time, YouTube Kelly Pavlik. The kid is the TRUTH. He looks very ordinary, a very humble person outside the ring, but in the ring he just he just keeps coming at you, stalking you, throwing high-volume punches, heavy with both hands… Very, very impressive.

In July 2007, he finally got his shot and fought #1 challenger Edison Miranda, a loudmouth Columbian. During the press build-up, Miranda ran his mouth. All Pavlik said was, “He’d better be ready to fight.”

Pavlik told the press the day before the fight that he was going to back Miranda up. This was unheard of. Miranda was one of the top fighters in the world, a powerhouse — he never backed up! Well, the fight starts and Pavlik comes out hard, really knocking Miranda around the ring. To make a long story short, he knocked Miranda down a few times in round 6. In between round, Miranda did not want to come out for round 7. His corner made him go out, where he was promptly knocked out…

In September 2007, Pavlik fought the champ, Jermain Taylor. Taylor was undefeated, beat Bernard Hopkins twice, a very dangerous fighter. Kelly’s from Youngstown, OH, so 5,000 fans drove from Ohio to Atlantic City. In the second round, very early, Kelly was caught and suffered a terrible knockdown. Everyone thought the fight was over. But Kelly got up immediately, on weary legs, and somehow made it out of the round. In a post-fight interview, his trainer said he’s never seen Kelly hurt like that, ever. He thought the fight was certainly over…

Well, Kelly came out in round 3 and came after Taylor — it was amazing. This kid wanted it so badly. In round 7, he caught Taylor with a right, then pounced on him. Taylor slumped down and the referee stopped it. Pavlik-Taylor was hailed by many as the Fight of the Year, simply incredible drama and entertainment.

What I love about boxing, as with my kindergarten-high school wrestling experience, is the one-on-one aspect. It’s just you and me out there. Pavlik also touches on this. This is why I’m drawn to boxing. Probably why I’m drawn more to time trialing as opposed to mass-start road races……eature=related


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