I spent big chunks of 2010 and 2011 in western USA; I was 31 and in my prime as athlete but more importantly I was in my prime as coach.

Cycling took over my life after HS. College was a blast but instead of using my degree for professional gig, I started Elite Endurance Training Systems (much to the chagrin of my parents) (“you need a 9 to 5”) (“you need medical benefits”) (“you need job security”)


2006-2008, the company grew fast. Inside three years, I had over sixty athletes, I quit my other job and focused full-time on my craft. #dream #life

EE athletes were storming to top of leaderboards, I was gaining clients because of stellar results, the training system was a breakthrough. I wanted to be the best, yes, but more importantly I wanted to be the best me. #AllThatMattersIsHowYouFeel

I knew if I wanted to become the top coach, I needed to travel and study the top athletes. #growth #education #HigherLearning

Autumn 2010, I stayed in Bend, OR, embracing cyclocross culture and becoming friends with the region’s standout talent. I planned the following year to live predominantly in Colorado.

I came home January with lively legs, was monster on bike. I smashed the 2011 April May TTs, locking up the TT Cup after the first few events.

I packed up my life and moved to Boulder CO that July. I made stellar use of my time, becoming friends with Brandon Dwight, former factory pro MTBer and 3x National Champion in cyclocross; he let me train with him and also introduced me to key figures in the Boulder cyclocross scene. I trained with and interviewed top professionals, world champions, national champions. I raced local XC, raced Wednesday night Short Track :-), Thursday night criteriums, I hammered the Bustop Ride. I rode Wednesday Worlds, I attended every BCS cyclocross clinic.

220+ days. If you want to be the best, how can you make the most of your skillset? How can you elevate amongst your peers?

I believe in long-term.

#time #investment #believe #MastersDegree #Maximization

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