Interview Time


Well, after hitting the court for a few days, seeing the good old groundstrokes come back, I learned from a friend that one of my former teaching peers is now the head pro of one of north Jersey’s most prestigious tennis clubs. It turns out that the club was looking for a teaching pro… So I called my old friend up, went in to talk with him, and after the weekend, he called and said he’d be happy to have me work there.

So later this summer, I’ll be working part-time, giving tennis lessons, helping run kid’s camps and evening adult sessions. I’m very excited. I think tennis will put some balance in my life! I will be cutting back on the bike some, as I will be on the court heavily for the summer, trying to hone that edge again in prep to start teaching…

With less hours on the bike and more free time, I hope to grow Elite Endurance as I plan on working on more training articles and conducting more research… As of right now, I’m reading a pretty scientific article on “myosin isoforms and shortening velocity cycling cadence.” When I can figure out the significance of this research, I’ll be sure to post it up here!!!

Thanks for reading.


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