Love that TT Bike


The other night was so cold riding home, I think I’ll have trouble forgetting it! So I didn’t commute today and instead rode late-morning, saving myself from the black cold misery coming home. But, as I rode, the day blossomed into bearably warm weather. I should’ve ridden in!!! What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, I keep hearing…

Took the TT bike out, tempo mode in mind, and rode this double-diamond loop, gently rolling throughout, a nice ride with virtually no stops. I purposely kept the cadence very high, remaining seated. The power line was steady throughout, 250-280 watts. I’m such a tempohead, I get so comfortable in the zone that at the end of the ride the power and HR begin to creep up without feeling it. I found myself at the upper end of my tempo zone, beginning to step over, but I made sure I stayed primarily aerobic.

I’ve tinkered with my TT position a ton, and I feel much more comfortable on it now. I don’t think I’m as aero, but I feel ten times better on the bike. I haven’t gone full-metal on it yet, but I’m sure I’ll be able to generate more power. This is a trade-off I’m happy to accept. I want to win TTs next year.

Riding the TT bike for considerable length at considerable speeds without begging to get off is a nice feeling. I’ve never experienced that before!!! During the season, 40 minutes, an hour, and I was DONE. Cooked. My ass was killing me, my neck, my arms — I just didn’t like it. After the State TT (ask Gisler), I couldn’t WALK. My hammies were destroyed. After Silver Mine (yeah it took me all year), I consulted with a lot of riders and did some appropriate tinkering, looked at a lot of pics. TT positions are different for everyone — you have to find what works for you.

All in all, another good tempo day. I felt strong. I put 300 miles in my legs on Thurs/Sat/Sun, and after two short days, I feel fresh. I’m following the program to a T and physically I feel good. I hope I can stick to the plan, stan. I just hope the snow stays away…

Tanita: 155.4 pounds.
Ride Time: 1h 27m
Norm Watts: 232
Distance: 33 miles.

Avg. Watts: 220
Max Watts: 572
HR: 152
Cadence: 102
Speed: 22.5 mph

Hope everyone is able to ride…


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