New PowerCrank Study :)


There is a new PowerCrank study:

In the 2008 New Jersey State Time Trial Championships, 3 of the top 5 overall were PowerCrankers.

The study uncovered that if you want to win the State TT, DO NOT RIDE POWERCRANKS.

The winner, not a PowerCranker, is a wind tunnel junkie… AND he puts out 340w for an hour and won’t move if he has to blow his nose.

The runner-up, not a PowerCranker, was Junior National Champion on the track and raced in Europe. World class talent.

3rd, 4th, and 5th just PowerCrankers.

And the 35+ Winner. PowerCranker.


I took the week real easy. On Monday, I was feeling nauseous and think I did some damage to my boys during the TT! It’s very, very hard to prepare fully for the the hell that awaits you for a 40k TT. The groin goes numb. My feet even went numb. I felt really nauseous near the end of the TT, and now I really I probably squashed something…

So, to make a long story short, I took the week real easy. Today, I went out on the PowerCranks over rolling terrain, just wanting to get a steady 90 minutes, then get in a 4h endurance ride Saturday before I go off to Atlantic City…

Well, I felt SUPER on the bike. People sometimes forget the true reward of pure rest.

Maybe I over did it. 🙂 I deserve it.

Ride Time: 1h 12m
Distance: 22.1 miles
Speed: 20.8 mph
Cadence: 93 rpms

Kuria Njenga rocked Rockleigh last night, taking 2nd. I’ve seen his numbers just rise and rise… Like most working folk, he finds it hard to train consistently but he digs very, very deep and it’s nice to see him put it together and earn a solid result… Congratulations, Kuria!!!


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